Chrome new tab extensions you should try

An overview of Chrome new tab extensions that let you optimize your new tab experience

What is the Google Chrome new tab? 

When you open a new tab in Google Chrome, which we all do too often, you are presented with prime real estate. Without any change, the tab will include your most visited pages and a Google search bar. This is where Chrome new tab extensions come in – these add-ons allow you to pick a new tab experience that suits you. Here are some of your best options across aesthetic and productivity new tab extensions.

Productivity Chrome new tab extensions

1. Toby for Chrome

This is an interesting one purely focused on solving the problem most of us have – too open tabs. The Toby Chrome new tab extension cleverly solves the problem of too many tabs by letting users organize their tabs into searchable categories. Features include:

  • Sync across devices giving you access to your organized tabs across any device you use.
  • Visual customization of your tab groups and boards.

Price: Free

2. is a popular productivity-enhancing Chrome new tab extension focused on gathering a range of important things in one place. This includes news feeds via RSS, widgets, links and do to lists. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it very easy to use and adjust as your needs change. Here are a couple of Start’s features:

  • Customizable widgets – all your embeds go into widgets that can be resized and moved around to suit your preferences.
  • Bookmark management, including tagging bookmarks to make them more searchable.

3. iChrome New Tab

Similarly to this Chrome new tab extension aims to put all your apps and websites on your new tab. This includes tracking news, the weather, finances and much more. It also has a flair of aesthetic new tab with motivational quotes and soothing landscape pictures in the background. Generally, this is a really strong all-in-one solution.

Price: Free

4. OneTab

Similar to Toby, this new tab extension for Chrome and Firefox lets you convert all your tabs into a list on your new tab. On top of improving your productivity by removing clutter, this also helps reduce the memory used. Some of the key features of OneTab include:

  • Restore tabs with the click of a button, letting you pick up where you left off.
  • Export list of tabs as a CSV or web page.

Prce: Free

5. Markdown New Tab

This no-frills new tab extension for Chrome has one purpose in mind: taking notes. Markdown has its own syntax that – once you get a hang of it – allows you to easily create headings, links, checkboxes, tables and more. The idea is that you have access to an optimized note-taking experience as easily as opening a new tab. And the auto-save feature makes sure you won’t lose the notes.

Price: Free

6. Taco Task Manager

Taco is focused on one key productivity feature: tasks. The aim is to let users consolidate tasks across multiple other apps and includes the ability to show tasks from more than 40 tools within your new tab. One of the great features of this extension is the automated prioritization, where Taco groups tasks by when they are due. Features include:

  • Multiple task lists – not all tasks are related to each other, and Taco keeps that in mind. You can create lists for work, personal any any other category you wish.
  • Integrations with tools you use, including Trello, Asana, Slack, Salesforce and Basecamp.

Price: Free

Aesthetic Chrome new tab extensions

1. Google Arts & Culture

This Chrome new tab extension is for the art lovers – it presents users with a new art piece by a world class artist every time they open a new tab. This is designed for users who want to use the new tab for aesthetics rather than productivity. These are some of the things we like about this extension”

  • Artwork of the day – this is the main feature and is a great way to learn about new pieces and artists.
  • Explore artworks – this is a great feature of this new tab extension, which allows users to explore artwork from famous museums around the world.

Price: Free

2. Google Earth View

Another Google-made extension in the aesthetic category. This new tab extension presents you with a satellite picture of a beautiful location every time you open a new tab – this extension is both pretty, and teaches you a bit of geography along the way. The features of this extension are similar to Arts & Culture:

  • Satellite images of stunning nature and other places around the world.
  • Explore the world – zoom in and out at different locations to explore them in detail or use the search functionality to find landmarks.

Price: Free

3. Momentum

This aesthetic new tab extension features soothing backgrounds, weather, motivational quotes and a clock. Some could argue that it leans into the productivity category with the ability to write notes and to-do lists, but the core focus of the app is to give users an aesthetic way to open new tabs. Features include: 

  • Inspirational quotes and photos – sometimes some words of inspiration can go a long way. This feature makes sure that you have this inspiration in every new tab.
  • Focus tools – Momentum has several built-in features that lets you focus on the tasks at hand, including daily goal-setting and to-do lists. 

Price: Free


In conclusion, your new tab provides a great piece of real estate, and there are plenty of options out there to optimize it for your exact needs. We’ll also keep this list updated for you!

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