Embedding your snapshots is as easy as 1-2-3

Use your Plus Snapshots and Pages in your existing documents, presentations, collaboration tools, and more!

We built Plus to bridge the gap between where data lives and where people work. You can use Plus to take Snapshots of virtually any app, and embed those Snapshots into your existing documents, presentations, and other collaboration platforms.

The result: Up-to-date data, charts, and metrics wherever you need them.

Embedding Plus Snapshots is a snap!

In Notion

Copy and paste a link to any Plus Snapshot or page and then click “Create embed” in order to instantly create an up-to-date look at data from any app for weekly meetings or dashboards.

In Coda

Copy and paste a link to Plus content, click “Display as embed,” and make it easy for cross-functional teams to share data directly in their documents.

In Canva

Click Embeds, drop a link to a Plus Snapshot or Page, and now you can embed data from any tool directly within your Canva file.

In Google Slides

You can use our Plus for Google Slides add-on; check it out here!

We’re constantly extending Plus embeds to other apps and tools as well, so if there are other collaboration tools you want to embed your data in, message me to let us know!


💬 If you’d like to see how Plus brings together all of your team's data where you need it, without having to worry about complicated setup or integrations, request an invite to join our Private Beta — we’d love to hear your feedback!

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