What the Plus is happening in crypto!?

How I’m tracking the crypto market with Plus.

💡 One of the many ways we use Plus is combining information from different sources to create up-to-date dashboards for anything, from building Plus all the way to monitoring current events. Look out for occasional posts, nicknamed “What the Plus!?” in which we’ll share what we’re keeping an eye on in the broader world, and how Plus helps us do so.

Over the last two years, crypto has grabbed a ton of headlines because Bitcoin 10x-ed from $5K to $50K+, and Ethereum jumped from $100 in early 2020 to nearly $5K. However, just following headlines isn’t the best way to stay informed on how the market is really doing.

Here are a few dashboards that show off how I use Plus to quickly pull together data from multiple sources in order to stay up to date on the crypto markets.

Overall market overview

This set of charts give a quick glance at the

  • current price and daily change in the price of Bitcoin and Ethereum (from CoinMarketCap),
  • a zoomed out view of total market cap over the last year (from Trading View),
  • the current fear and greed index for Bitcoin (from lookintobitcoin.com), and
  • a summary of the key news headlines (from a Feedly RSS feed).

Combining data from multiple sources means I can get a holistic picture of how the market is doing and what is happening without getting too anchored to any one data point or headline.

NFT market overview

Here’s a similar overview of the NFT market showing overall market volume, the top NFT sales across all collections, and the trending collections each day.

NFTs I’m watching

Last but not least, this Page keeps track of the latest listings across several collections that I’m watching to see if there are good opportunities to pick up a new NFT. These Snapshots come from multiple apps and marketplaces across multiple blockchains, but it’s easy to combine all of it into one view with Plus!


💬 If you have an idea for a “What the Plus?!” dashboard, DM me on LinkedIn. Or if you’d like to see how Plus brings together all of your data where you need it, without having to worry about complicated setup or integrations, request an invite to join our Private Beta - we’d love to hear your feedback!

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