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At Plus, we're building an easier way to capture, see, and share information across different sources β€” without having to worry about APIs and integrations.

We're looking for talented people of all backgrounds to join our fully remote team across US and Canada.

Open positions

‍All roles are full-time, remote positions in the US and Canada.
If you're excited about Plus, we encourage you to reach out even if there isn't an open role that feels like a perfect fit.

About Plus

The average business today uses nearly a hundred different SaaS tools, and people spend way too much time moving information between tools to understand their data and share their ideas.

At Plus, we're building an easier way to capture, see, and share information across different sources. Take a "Live Snapshot" of any website or application β€” don't worry about APIs, integrations, etc. β€” to turn data into live insights that stay updated, and share it with your team, partners, customers, and other collaborators.

Customers are using Plus to visualize their customer funnel and operations across disconnected tools, communicate with partners and suppliers, and automate recurring updates.

Our investors include Madrona, Positive Sum, and founders and CEOs of companies like Auth0, Evernote, Qumulo, Rec Room, and Smartsheet.


How do I get in touch?

Apply directly via the job listing. We will review and respond to every single application within one business day (unless we're on vacation, in which case you'll get an auto-reply about it.)

What is the interview process like?

It depends on the role, but typically we start with a 30 minute introductory call with one of our cofounders to make sure we're on the same page. After that, you might do a domain-specific interview (e.g., a technical screener if you're an engineer or portfolio review if you're a designer) and a culture fit interview.

We'd also be excited about working together on a short term project (and paying you for it), if your situation allows. In general, we can move as quickly as you need and work with you on a process that feels fair, so let us know if you have specific constraints.

Who is on the Plus team?

Braydon, Chloe, Dan, Joe, Zach, along with a few contractors. We are distributed across Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver.

Have you raised money?

We have raised $5.5M in a seed round led by Madrona Venture Group. Other investors include Positive Sum, and the founders and CEOs of companies like Auth0, Evernote, Qumulo, Rec Room, and Smartsheet.

What stage is the product currently in?

We're currently alpha testing an MVP with a few dozen customers. We're excited to give you a product demo in our introductory call.

Do you provide benefits?

We will provide medical, dental, and vision insurance and have monthly stipends for remote work and outsourcing (ask us about it!). In general, we want to make sure our team can focus on work at work, so let's chat if there's something specific you need.

What is the culture like?

We strive for a high autonomy and trust environment. We set ambitious goals and hold each other accountable to our promises, but no one is tracking your hours.

As an early stage startup, we bias toward experimentation. Our approach to solving most problems is to form a working hypothesis and figure out how to validate it as quickly as possible. We often disagree and commit.

As a remote team, we know we have to be more intentional about working norms and culture. We try to balance real-time and asynchronous communication, so you can pair with a teammate when needed but still have plenty of time for deep work and flexibility to take a break or play with your kids during the day. We set aside time every week just for fun (ask us about our existential "icebreaker" questions), and plan to get together in person a few times a year in the future.

More questions?

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