HR Dashboard

An overview of select HR dashboards, including for hiring and retaining employees

HR dashboards contain data on retention and recruitment at a company. This means including metrics around how effectively candidates are being interviewed and how satisfied employees are after they join the company.

Key HR dashboards:

  • Recruitment dashboards.
  • Employee satisfaction dashboards.

Popular HR dashboard tools:

  • Culture Amp: This tool lets users collect data about their employee engagement levels through surveys, and includes dashboards that let users identify trends and areas of improvement.
  • Greenhouse: This applicant tracking system (ATS) lets users view reporting and analytics in dashboards to optimize their recruitment process.
  • Getting a complete picture of HR is difficult with one tool – you can combine your tools of choice using Plus.


Recruitment dashboard

This type of HR dashboard focuses on tracking what is effectively the ‘sales funnel’ of potential job candidates for a company. The recruitment dashboard tracks how many candidates come in at the top of the funnel and how well the team converts the best of those candidates to employees.

What to include in the recruitment dashboard:

  • Candidate pipeline, i.e. how many people are entering the pipeline as potential candidates.
  • Time-to-hire – taking too long to get through the process can mean losing out on good candidates.
  • Offer acceptance rates and reasons for rejections.

Employee satisfaction dashboard

Hiring new candidates is expensive - and when someone is hired it is because they are believed to add value to the company. It is the job of an employee satisfaction dashboard to give HR an understanding of how likely employees are to stay at the company.

What to include in the employee satisfaction dashboard:

  • Satisfaction in terms of culture, management, job tasks, work environment and benefits.
  • Turnover rate - number is a very clear quantification of employee satisfaction.
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