Marketing Dashboard

An overview of what to include in a marketing dashboard, including examples of dashboards

Marketing dashboards provide an overview of how a company is doing in terms of the measurable responsibilities of marketing: Building brand awareness and acquiring customers.

Key areas to track within marketing dashboards:

  • Website analytics, including traffic and conversion rates.
  • Social media metrics to understand the level of engagement with potential customers via social channels.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) metrics, e.g. around keyword rankings.

Popular marketing dashboard tools:

  • Google Analytics: This app provides users with detailed analytics from their website, such as behavior on specific pages, overall traffic and insights into traffic sources.
  • Marketo: This marketing automation tool lets users track and measure marketing campaigns and user engagement.
  • SEMRush: This tool is built to help with SEO and SEM strategies, and e.g. allows for keyword research and domain analysis.
  • Getting a complete picture of marketing is difficult with one tool – you can combine your tools of choice using Plus.


Website dashboard

The website analytics dashboard tracks user engagement and acquisition on a company's website.

What to include in the website dashboard:

  • Overall traffic to the site, including trends
  • Traffic sources, i.e. where traffic to the site is coming from.
  • Conversion rates to understand how well traffic is converting.
  • Performance of individual pages to understand where to focus efforts.

Social media Dashboard

Having an active social media presence can be a very important growth driver, and success in the area is highly dependent on how much your community engages with a brand. The metrics tracked in a social media dashboard should be focused on tracking this engagement and the output of the engagement, such as site visits from social channels.

What to include in the social media dashboard:

  • Followers across platforms, including growth of these followers.
  • Engagement metrics, such as likes, comments and shares.
  • Referral traffic from all active social media channels.

SEO dashboard

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a growth strategy focused on driving traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. This includes optimizing page structure and content around specific keywords and getting quoted by other sources to improve search rankings.

What to include in the digital marketing dashboard:

  • Website traffic from search engines.
  • Keyword rankings for search terms that drive high quality traffic.
  • Backlinks, i.e. the number of references to a site across the internet.
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