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The best AI tool for Google Slides

The integration into Google slides is seamless.

It feels like something that should have been there all along!

5/5 stars overall.

This addon is a true life saver. Helped me brainstorm design and content for a very important presentation.

I have used other AI presentation tools, but Plus AI is hands down, the best!
It saved me hours of work and is also flexible enough to allow for full customisation once the slideshow is generated. Will be using again.
I highly recommend Plus to anyone who wants to make beautiful presentations, fast. It’s the best AI tool for Google Slides, and it has saved me hours of work and frustration.
It's super easy to use and integrates seamlessly with Google Slides.

If you use Google Slides a lot, I highly recommend giving Plus AI a try.

Professional layouts and themes

As a consultant, I have to deliver top-notch slides to clients regularly. Plus AI has become my secret weapon for creating impactful presentations in no time.
Unreal! So helpful as a jumpoff point for beautiful presentations. The time I am saving is invaluable. So grateful for this extension!
Saved me a lot of time in creating the outline and basic framework of my presentations. Templates are on-point and are very useful.

Once templates are created, you can customize these templates and also use for other purposes.

It's always better to start with something rather than starting from scratch or a blank slate.
This tool is the best. It helps a lot with me who is struggling to meet the demands and expectations of my upper-management to create stunning presentations, whether it is a pitching deck for clients, a report, an insights, etc.

And the best part? The style of the presentation is very good, it is simple, but very elegant.
Gone are the days of spending countless hours manually arranging and formatting slides. The AI-powered algorithms analyze the content and present you with a range of professionally designed layout options.

This feature alone saved me an incredible amount of time, allowing me to focus more on the content itself rather than getting bogged down in design details.

AI built for your workflows

Simple and to the point slide designs that are suitable for business.

Integration between Google Slides and Powerpoint is seamless, so this will be my primary workflow in generating slides.

Pretty solid tool to generate first passes of slides!

Have used for informal presentations, speaking engagements, and educational purposes. Gets the job done and don't have any complaints so far.
Great tool.. created a presentation for me in a minute.

Though I had to do the final editing, the tool saved me 30 mins of my initial hard work.
This tool has transformed my presentation-making experience. With its AI-powered features, I can build presentations in a fraction of the time it used to take me.

The outline and first draft suggestions are incredibly helpful and save me from the dreaded blank slide syndrome.
I got Plus AI for Google Slides to help me design a slide deck for a presentation. The presentation came out great and I am refining it (with Plus AI's help) to present to my colleagues next week!

The setup was easy and Plus AI created a great structure and talking points for my presentation. I really like the tips on each slide to help me choose images or expand on a point.

Frees you up for the important work

I only recently found out about Plus AI and I am very glad I did. It makes creating presentations easy, intuitive and fast.

And it enables me to focus on the most important - the content - safe in the knowledge the look of the presentation will be great. I recommend it.
This add-on is a godsend for time poor teachers!

I can highly recommend giving it a go for high quality slideshows to add to your teaching resources.
Excellent tool that saves me a significant amount of time. It creates a presentation that needs only minor editing when used with detailed prompts.

Our team loves it for brainstorming and account reps use it for collaborating with clients.
Having struggled with making presentations all my life I found it accessible and convenient to use Plus AI to generate and edit my slideshows based on some inputs, then customise to my liking.
I am currently working as a Product Manager and discovered this solution while preparing a presentation for C-level executives. The variety of templates available helped me quickly assemble a high-quality presentation.

I highly recommend using this tool to save time and enhance the visual appeal of your work
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