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Does Plus integrate with 3rd party apps?

Yes! Our mission at Plus is to make any integration as easy as taking a screenshot. Once you've created a Snapshot of any app or website, you can easily embed it in the tools you use every day, giving you up-to-date views of your data directly inside your favorite productivity tools, including Google Slides, Slack, Notion, and Coda.

For a full list of places you can embed Plus content, read more here.

Are there known limitations with Plus?

Snapshot capture does not work perfectly on all sites. Here are our known Snapshot issues. If you run into others, please contact us.

Can I invite others to try Plus?

You can invite team members who work with you to your organization to have shared access to Snapshots and Pages in a team space. You can have as many organization members as you want, but the Snapshot count specified in each plan is shared by the entire organization.

How does Plus handle security?

We want to make it safe for you to use Plus across all your systems, and security is a priority for us. Today, we encrypt all sensitive data on your computer before it is sent to our servers, your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our employees do not have access to the private key to decrypt sensitive data.

Plus has attained SOC2 Type II compliance. You can request a copy of our report on our security page.

Learn more about security at Plus or contact us.

How much does Plus cost?

Plus is free to try. We offer paid plans that allow you to upgrade the number of Snapshots available to your org and unlock faster refresh rate options for your org.

What limits are there on the free plan?

There is a maximum of 5 Snapshots per org, and a maximum refresh rate of 6 hours. Read more here.

There are no limits on the number of Pages you can create, the number of times you can add Snapshots to Pages and embed them in other tools, or the number of teammates you can invite.

How does the Snapshot limit work?

The Snapshot limit is the number of Snapshots you can create across your entire org. As long as your org has fewer Snapshots than the Snapshot limit for your plan, anyone can take more Snapshots. Once your org reaches the Snapshot limit, nobody in the org will be able to capture new Snapshots unless old ones are deleted.

How does the refresh rate limit work?

In the free tier, Snapshots can be set to automatically refresh every day or every 6 hours. You can upgrade to a paid plan to unlock hourly refreshes. Snapshots can be manually refreshed as often as desired, by anyone in your org.

What if I need more than 100 Snapshots or more frequent refresh rates?

Contact us about an Enterprise plan.

How does Plus work?

Plus automates the process of visiting a website or app and taking a screenshot. Think of it as opening a new browser tab and taking a screenshot of the same area over and over again.

When you take a Snapshot, the Plus extension saves information about the state of your browser, like your cookies, local storage, session storage, the dimensions of your browser, and the bounding box of your Snapshot. With that information, we can automatically revisit that site or app as you and replicate the Snapshot you took.

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