Live Snapshots • Use Cases

Plus bridges the gap between where data lives and where people work.

Modern companies use hundreds of apps to get work done. We help teams move faster by making it easy to capture and share their most important information.

Personal productivity

Use Plus to build a personalized dashboard with data from all of your most important apps and websites. Organize your work and close all of those tabs by building fast, easy, and flexible dashboards with Plus.

Business operations

Managing operations at a fast-paced company often means hopping between many tools and sharing information with multiple teams. Here’s how we use Plus to keep everyone and everything in sync.


Updating your team or hiring manager on the latest recruiting metrics often means sending the same screenshots every day or every week because people don’t want to log in to different tools. Here’s how we use Plus to seamlessly share data in the apps where people already work.

Sales operations

Copying and pasting the same set of screenshots into your weekly sales update doc every Sunday night is not a good use of time. Here’s how you can use Plus to automate your sales reporting so you can focus on your real job — growing your business!

Customer success

Customer success teams often hop between many tools to get the full view of what is happening in a customer account and collaborate with their business partners. Here’s how you can use Plus to manage different customer systems and automate your workflows.

Just for fun

You can use Plus to track information from any app or site, including things you look at just for fun. Here’s how we pulled together a quick dashboard to keep an eye on snow conditions, so we can easily make a call on a last minute ski trip.