Use Cases

Plus bridges the gap between where data lives and where people work.

Modern companies use hundreds of apps to get work done. We help teams move faster by making it easy to capture and share their most important information.


Weekly operations meeting

Automatically refresh the screenshots for your recurring meetings with data from any source.

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OKR tracking

Streamline OKR updates by aggregating key results metrics in one place.

Project status

Create visibility for stakeholders who don't live in your project management tools day-to-day.

Executive reports

Curate the most relevant data for each stakeholder so they don't have to log into multiple tools.

Cross-functional visibility

Get read-only views of data from tools that only one team has access to.

Initiative dashboard

Quickly spin up a dashboard to monitor a temporary initiative.

Slack subscriptions

Automate daily/weekly metrics updates in Slack.

Sales & Marketing

New business report

Combine data from CRM, productivity tools, and project trackers to create a unified view of new business and customer onboardings.

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Aggregate CRM reports

Create a single pane view across different CRMs and dashboards that doesn't require multiple logins.

Customer funnel

Monitor page views, sign ups, and conversions in one view.

Cross-channel engagement

Track engagement across your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Competitor websites

Quickly see when your competitors' websites change, all in one place.

Website traffic

Aggregate the most relevant Google analytics views.

Competitor social activity

Monitor your competitors' activity and engagement on social.

3rd party sharing

Share a view-only report instead of giving someone a login to your CRM.

Slack subscriptions

Automate daily/weekly metrics updates in Slack.


Product analytics

Aggregate data from your product analytics platform, BI tools, customer engagement apps, etc.

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Launch dashboard

Quickly spin up a dashboard to monitor traffic, social chatter, feature usage, and app performance.

Cross-functional visibility

Get read-only views of data from marketing, sales, or engineering tools that you don't have access to.

A/B test tracking

Monitor feature usage, conversion rates, customer satisfaction.

Growth metrics

Monitor sign up, activation, and retention by customer segment, cohort, etc.

Recurring reporting

Automate updating data for recurring meetings, presentations, and reports.

Slack subscriptions

Automate daily/weekly metrics updates in Slack.


Monthly financial reviews

Create monthly reports for business partners with data from finance, HR, procurement, and other systems.

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Investment tracking

Track the performance of portfolio companies.

Visibility across spreadsheets

Combine views of multiples Google Sheets on one page.

M&A market dashboards

Create quick dashboards to track market conditions and performance of key startups.

Macroeconomic dashboards

Combine data from key macroeconomic indicators and data sources to understand where the market is moving.

Investor updates

Provide investors with a view into key metrics without reproducing slides every time.

Startup fundraising conditions

Track the trends in the startup market with fundraising announcements, new product launches, and news alerts of top VCs.

Slack subscriptions

Automate daily/weekly metrics updates in Slack.

Just for fun

Startup market landscape

Keep a pulse on the startup funding landscape, what VCs are investing in, and what products are getting launched.

More use cases just for fun

Personal daily dashboard

Create one view of the highest priority tasks for you every day.

Crypto portfolio

Watch how your tokens and NFTs are performing with data on recent trades, volume, and other analytics.

Open source activity

Keep an eye on the top open source projects and how quickly they are growing.

VC tracking

Watch what the top venture capitalists are investing in.

Ski conditions

Decide whether this is a good weekend to go skiing based on snow conditions, weather forecast, traffic, etc.

Sports team tracker

See all of the latest headlines, scores, and chatter on your favorite team in one place.