Plus AI for Enterprise

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Automate high-quality presentations that fit your brand with our suite of AI-powered tools —  customized for your organization.
Custom templates: Convert an existing template or we can design a new one for you from your brand guidelines and sample content.
AI slide designer: We train our AI models to work with your custom template so you can use the entire suite of Plus tools. Like generating presentations from scratch or converting, formatting, and translating existing slides.
High quality content at scale: Need to customize a proposal deck with client branding 100 times? We can help automate that.
Works where you do: Plus AI works within Google Slides and PowerPoint (exclusive for Enterprise), so you don’t need to teach your teams a brand new tool. Need a specific output format? Let us know.
Empowering content creators at companies big and small.

Collaboration tools for AI

Invite your team to generate consistent, on-brand outputs
Custom templates
Prompt library
Saved custom context
Voice and tone presets
Use Plus AI to create presentations from any text document. Copy and paste content from your existing documents, Wikipedia, papers, news, and more

Do you offer a free trial of Enterprise?

We do not offer trials on the Enterprise plan. You're welcome to start a 7 day trial of Plus Pro to get a feel for how our AI models work.

How much will Plus AI for Enterprise cost?

It depends on how complex your needs are, like how complex your custom template is and whether you need additional automations.

Let us know if there's a specific budget you have in mind and we can help find a solution.

Does Plus AI work with other apps?

We have built-in support for Google Slides, Google Docs, and PowerPoint (only available for Enterprise customers.)

If you use another tool that you want to integrate with Plus AI, just let us know.

Do you use my data to train your models?

We never share your presentation data with other customers and we do not use Enterprise customer data when fine-tuning our models that are available to self-serve customers.

How does Plus handle security?

Learn more on our security page.

What’s the difference between inviting my team and setting up Plus AI for Enterprise

Our Enterprise customers get a custom template, which is not available on self-serve plans.

Our PowerPoint plugin is also only available for Enterprise customers.

Finally, for some customers, we set up additional workflow automations, like swapping out client logos and colors programmatically.

How do I upload my custom template?

You can't. Custom templates are only available for Enterprise customers.

A normal Google Slides or PowerPoint template doesn't work with our AI designer out-of-the box.

We have to convert (and expand) your slide library into a format that our AI models can understand and then teach our AI models to design slides that fit your needs.

How long does it take to set up a custom template?

It depends on how well-defined your existing presentation template is (if you have one), and how complex your slide designs and content are.

Typically, it takes us about two to four weeks to set up an Enterprise customer, including designing the custom template.

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