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Write and edit painlessly, directly in Google Docs.

Plus AI is your content generation copilot that works where you do.
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Never stare at a blank page again.

Get unstuck
Generate a first draft in seconds. Ask to see multiple variants when you're not sure what you want.
Plus will also offer some tips and suggestions along the way.
Painless revisions
Summarize, bulletize, proofread, and translate in seconds.
Work directly in Google Docs
No more copy paste. Use undo and redo on all of Plus AI's changes.

AI that works directly in Google Docs

Plus can understand, write, and translate content in nearly any language.
Plus makes changes directly in Google Docs, so you can undo them and see them in your history.
Use Google Docs to export Plus-generated content as PDFs, Word documents, and more.
Google Slides
The Plus AI extension works across Google Slides and Docs — all in one subscription.

Explore what's possible.

Meeting recap
Transform a transcript into takeaways and action items.
Executive summary
Add an executive summary to the top of your document that highlights key insights.
Blog post
Write and iterate on an outline, key ideas, or just ask Plus AI to create a first draft.
Generate lesson plans and quizzes. Ask Plus to add an answer key to make it easy.
Outbound emails
Generate multiple variants to test outbound messaging.
Summarize help content into an easy to digest FAQ.
Fix typos and improve grammar.
New audience
Rewrite content for a specific age group or target demographic.
Write and translate in any language.
Add a sentence, paragraph, or just ask Plus AI to finish your thought.
Convert to bullets
Transform a dense block of text into easy-to-digest bullets.
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High quality, custom branded presentations — at scale.
Save time on presentations and docs with our suite of AI-powered tools — customized for your organization.
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Custom templates and prompts
We convert your existing templates or design a new one from scratch that matches your brand identity.
AI-powered automations
Your custom template works with our entire suite of AI tools for generating and editing slides.
Works where you do
Works within Google Slides and PowerPoint. Export to whatever format you need.
Empowering content creators at companies big and small.
What our users say about Plus AI
Absolutely blown away by Plus AI! The AI-powered suggestions are a game-changer. It's like having a personal presentation assistant. Highly recommend this fantastic tool to anyone in need of presentation magic!
Simple and to-the-point slide designs that are suitable for business. Integration between Google Slides and Powerpoint is seamless, so this will be my primary workflow in generating slides.
The integration into Google slides is seamless. It feels like something that should have been there all along! 5/5 stars overall.
The setup was easy and Plus AI created a great structure and talking points for my presentation. I really like the tips on each slide to help me choose images or expand on a point. This tool is now in my arsenal!
Excellent tool that saves me a significant amount of time. It creates a presentation that needs only minor editing when used with detailed prompts. Our team loves it for brainstorming and account reps use it for collaborating with clients.
It helps me when I am struggling to meet the expectations of upper-management to create stunning presentations. For a simple "monthly digital marketing plan presentation", the design, outline, and copy is very good.
I highly recommend Plus to anyone who wants to make beautiful presentations, fast. It’s the best AI tool for Google Slides, and it has saved me hours of work and frustration.
Having struggled with making presentations all my life, I found it accessible and convenient to use Plus AI to generate and edit my slideshows based on some inputs, then customise to my liking.
4.6 average rating
Over 1 million installs
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