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Give us a description of your business, and get a free QBR deck, customized for you and your client, powered by Plus AI.

How does it work?
You tell us about your business
Tell us about your company and the work you are doing for your client
Our AI creates a QBR deck
We use the latest AI technologies to create an easy-to-digest QBR presentation
We send you the link to the slides
Customize your presentation and share it with coworkers and clients
Works for all of your slide decks
Spend less time on slides
Any presentation you need!
Pitch decks, client overviews, weekly meetings, book reports, and anything else you need.
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Focus on teaching, not slides
Webinars and training decks
Create online courses, training materials, and other educational content.
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Get a personal business analyst
Strategy and research reports
Let our AI develop the first draft of your next strategy or research presentation.
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Do it yourself with Plus AI for Google Slides
Install the Plus AI extension
Works with Google Slides and PowerPoint
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Jumpstart your presentation
Never start from scratch again, get a fully customizable outline.
Make it yours
Add your own data and context, and let AI help you make edits.

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High quality, custom branded presentations — at scale.
Save time on presentations and docs with our suite of AI-powered tools — customized for your organization.
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Custom templates and prompts
We convert your existing templates or design a new one from scratch that matches your brand identity.
AI-powered automations
Your custom template works with our entire suite of AI tools for generating and editing slides.
Works where you do
Works within Google Slides and PowerPoint. Export to whatever format you need.
Empowering content creators at companies big and small.
This is the easiest way to build dashboards I have ever seen — no training or extra tools required. This will save my team hours of work each week.
Tony Huang
CEO, Possible Finance
Plus makes it easier for us to get value out of our tools, rather than struggling to aggregate data.
Mahesh Guruswamy
CTO, Kajabi
Plus is the perfect solution for our weekly executive meetings, where we review data from a dozen different tools.
Shane Kovalsky
CEO, Mystery