Best AI tools for business in 2024

AI can add a lot of value to your business, and plenty of great AI tools are on the market. This article helps you find the best ones for your business.

Your business can benefit from a significant number of AI tools in the market. The tools cover a range of categories, with each category containing several good options. But this creates a problem in itself. How do you choose? We have gathered a list of the best AI tools for businesses below to help you out.


Why your business should use AI tools

  • Saves time. One of the key advantages of AI is that it can perform tasks in minutes that would take hours for humans.
  • Allows employees to focus on value-add tasks. Being faster than humans on some tasks doesn’t mean AI will replace people. Instead, AI adds the most value when combined with the human touch. By saving time on tasks that can be automated, employees can focus more of their time and energy on truly value-added tasks.
  • Reduces human error. While AI is not perfect, it can help reduce some human error. An example of this is spelling errors – an AI tool like Grammarly helps seamlessly reduce human spelling and grammatical errors.

Plus AI – best AI tool for presentations

Love it or hate it, making presentations is part of doing business. There are a number of AI presentation makers on the market, which you can read about here. However, if you, like many businesses, already use Google Slides for your presentations Plus AI is the clear choice for your business.

Plus AI lets you create and edit professional presentations within Google Slides, which means that you can leverage AI while still working within Google Slides. Plus AI contains a suite of AI features within Google Slides, which makes it a great all-round AI presentation tool for your business to use:

  • Works seamlessly within Google Slides. Plus AI is fully integrated within Google Slides, making it easy to adopt if you’re a Google Slides business.
  • Provides AI tips. Plus AI doesn’t just build slides but also provides tips on the generated slide to help guide how you might improve it.
  • Includes editing and formatting with AI. You and your colleagues can rewrite text, transform a slide into a different format, or add individual slides to an existing presentation. All are powered by AI.
  • Features custom themes. As a business, you will most likely want presentations to follow a specific theme. Unlike most AI presentation tools, Plus AI lets you apply custom themes to the presentations.

Price: Free options with paid plans starting at $10/month per user.

Link: Plus AI

Grammarly – best for improving written communication

Writing has always been important in business, but it has become even more important in the age of remote or hybrid work. Internal and external communication via written channels will always be most effective if the writing is clear and correct. This is where Grammarly can help out.

Grammarly acts as a live proofreader by providing live feedback on your grammar, spelling, and writing style, e.g., through a Chrome extension. This article is currently being optimized with Grammarly. Grammarly offers a range of useful features for your business:

  • Edits text live. Grammarly’s Chrome extension checks the spelling and grammar of everything being written and provides suggestions on the go.
  • Rewrites content. Grammarly also has a desktop app that allows you and your colleagues to rewrite chunks of text. You can write a piece of text, paste it into the app, and ask the AI to rewrite it with a particular purpose.

Price: Free options with paid plans starting at $12/month per user.

Link: Grammarly – best for content generation is a great tool if your business generates content of any type - this could be blogs, social posts, or anything else. This tool is very versatile when it comes to automating content generation – there are several AI content writers on the market, but Jasper is the best all-round tool. can automate almost all the content writing done by your business by automatically generating content based on simple prompts and templates. Jasper can be useful to your business for several reasons:

  • The AI is trained in 50+ different writing skills. This includes basic skills like text summarizing as well as more niche skills like writing YouTube script outlines.
  • Integrates with daily workflow.’s Chrome browser extension helps you and your colleagues write content quickly anywhere. For example, the extension can write an email for you in seconds based on a prompt.

Price: Free 5-day trial with plans starting at $24/month. Pricing scales with the number of words written per month.

Link: Jasper AI

Article Forge – best for long-form content

If your business only uses one AI writing tool, it should be due to its versatility. However, if your business writes a lot of long-form content, you should also look into Article Forge, as this AI tool is built specifically for writing articles of 1,500+ words. Useful features that your business can leverage include:

  • Writes long articles in one go. Many AI writing tools take a step-by-step approach, whereas Article Forge will generate more than 1,500 words in one go.
  • Automatically ads media. Articles that are just a block of text are unlikely to capture your audience. Article Forge can automatically pull in relevant images and videos for your articles.

Price: Free trial available with paid plans starting at $27/month. The baseline paid plan includes 25,000, which should be enough for more than 10-15 content pieces.

Link: Article Forge

Otter - best for recordings and note taking

Meetings are necessary but take up a lot of time for most businesses, so you’re going to want to make sure your business gets as much as possible out of the meetings. The Otter Assistant works like an AI assistant focused on making sure that all information from meetings is gathered and shared. In short, it automates note-taking from video-based meetings. But it goes beyond just taking notes:

  • Saves relevant slides. Otter will capture slides and include them in the relevant parts of the notes.
  • Writes usable summaries. Otter takes full transcripts, but reading everything said in a meeting is usually not helpful. To make the notes more useful, Otter also provides summaries. 
  • Shares meeting notes. After a meeting, Otter will send out an email summarizing what was covered.

Price: Otter includes a free plan with paid tiers starting at $16.99/month. It’s worth noting that the annual plan can save you +50% on the subscription.

Link: Otter – best for lead generation

This one is relevant if your business is sales-led. One of the most time-consuming parts of the sales process is lead generation. Previously you would need to hire junior BDRs to go through the manual process of finding the right leads and contact details, but automates these tasks for your business. includes a lot of helpful features, including:

  • Integrates with popular CRMs. Automating lead generation is great, but it can become messy if it is not integrated with your CRM. Luckily Seamless offers integrations with the most popular CRMs. This also allows for automated email campaigns via the CRM.
  • Offers a free Chrome extension. The Chrome extension lets you identify leads at a company by simply being on their website.

Price: includes a free tier and free trials for paid plans, which start at $65/month.


Ocoya – best AI assistant for automating social media

Many businesses today are active on social media since it is a great way to engage existing and potential customers. But it’s also time-consuming and requires expertise in the area. If your business is not in a position to hire someone to help with social media, you should explore AI-powered options. One of the top choices is Ocoya. Ocoya uses AI to handle a large portion of your business’s social media requirements:

  • Does copywriting for social posts. Ocoya can generate copy across social platforms in 28+ languages.
  • Generates graphics with AI. In addition to automating copywriting, Ocoya stands out with the ability to generate graphics for posts.
  • Automates posting. This AI tool can be used to automatically schedule the posting of content across platforms.

Price: Ocoya offers a free trial period, but has no free tiers. Prices start at $15/month.

Link: Ocoya

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