How to use ChatGPT to create PowerPoint presentations

Step-by-step guide to using AI tools to create presentations. Looking for ChatGPT for PowerPoint? Here's a guide to using AI in PowerPoint and Google Slides

ChatGPT is one of the fastest growing technology products of all time, and it has sparked an AI revolution. Now every productivity tool and workflow is being transformed by AI, and every business is experimenting with how to use AI to improve their products.

Many PowerPoint and Google Slides users are looking for ways to leverage AI in their day-to-day work, and creating presentations is a great starting point for using AI.

Here is a short guide on how to use ChatGPT to create presentations in PowerPoint and Google Slides.


Can ChatGPT create a PowerPoint presentation?

The short answer is no, ChatGPT cannot create a PowerPoint file. Today, ChatGPT cannot create a .pptx file or design the visual elements of a slide such as images and charts in different layouts.

The longer answer is yes, ChatGPT can help generate presentations by creating outlines, slide titles, and content descriptions. However, in order to convert ChatGPT outputs into a PowerPoint file or Google Slides presentation, it requires a two-step process where a PowerPoint AI slide generator like Plus transforms ChatGPT outputs into a visual slide format.

Benefits of using ChatGPT for presentations

Using ChatGPT to create presentations can be helpful for a variety of different reasons:

  • It can save users a lot of time by quickly generating a first draft of content
  • People almost always prefer to start with some content than with a blank slate
  • AI can provide unique perspectives and a wide variety of ideas
  • Using an AI tool will likely help ensure consistency of styles and formatting
  • Last but not least, it helps people focus on the important part of a presentation: storytelling and communicating ideas, not the boring work of creating slides!

How to create a PowerPoint presentation using AI

The easiest way to create a presentation using AI is to use a tool like Plus AI. Rather than jumping back and forth between ChatGPT and another app, you can use Plus AI to manage the entire process of designing, creating, and editing presentations.

Here's how it works:

Step 1: Install Plus AI from the Google Workspace Marketplace

Plus AI add-on in Google Slides

The first step is to add Plus AI as an add-on to your Google Workspace. Then, you can use it as an add-on directly within Google Slides.

Step 2: Provide a prompt or source document for your presentation

GIF of Plus AI file upload and presentation creation

The next step is to provide some instructions about the presentation you'd like to create. You can provide a sentence, a few bullet points, or even an entire document with reference materials about what you'd like to create.

Step 3: Review your presentation outline and select a presentation theme

Before generating a full presentation, Plus will show you a draft outline that you can edit and approve. You can make changes to the outline, or you can ask the AI to regenerate the outline and try again.

Step 4: Review your slides and make any edits or revisions

Once Plus is done generating a presentation, you can review and edit the slides like any other presentation. You can also use Plus AI's editing tools to insert more slides, rewrite or reformat existing slides, or even apply a new theme to your presentation.

Step 5: Share your Google Slides link or export to PowerPoint

The whole process of using AI to create a PowerPoint only takes a few minutes. Once you're done, you can share your Google Slides link or export to PowerPoint just like it is a normal presentation.

How to create a PowerPoint presentation using ChatGPT

Step 1: Open ChatGPT and ask for the outline of a presentation

ChatGPT interface entering a presentation outline request

When asking GPT for the presentation outline, make sure to specify the topic of the slide deck, the audience for the slide deck, the creator of the slide deck, and any notes for items you want to make sure to include.

Pro-tip: Rather than just starting from a prompt, you can also ask ChatGPT to convert a PDF or a website into a presentation outline!

Here is a prompt you can copy and paste to try this out for yourself.

Write the outline of a sales presentation for a car wash software company to sell a CRM system to a regional car wash franchise. Emphasize the importance of digital marketing and recurring subscription revenue.

For each slide, write the title of the slide along with a one bullet description of the slide content.

Step 2: Make adjustments to the presentation as necessary

ChatGPT interface editing AI presentation outline

After reviewing the output from ChatGPT, check if there are any missing pieces or opportunities to present more information to enhance the slide deck.

In this example, where a user is asking for a sales deck, it might be helpful to include a case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of the product.

Step 3: Copy and paste the ChatGPT output into Plus AI

Plus AI prompt to presentation screen

Install the Plus add-on and click Extensions -> New presentation with Plus AI. Once Plus AI is open, copy and paste the presentation outline from ChatGPT and click the Generate button.

❗Note: Make sure you select the right number of slides for your presentation. The AI may get confused if you write a 10 slide outline but you select 15 slides from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: Make adjustments to the outline

After reading your input, Plus will convert it into an outline of a slide deck, and show you the specific slides that will be created in the final presentation.

If you have any changes to slide order or titles, you can change them now before the slides are created.

Step 5: Review the slide deck and AI outputs

Completed AI presentation about Sparkling Suds Car Wash

Now Plus will produce a completed slide deck that can be edited in Google Slides, just like a normal presentation.

Flip through the slides to make sure the content is reasonable and pay particular attention to things like style (easy to fix) and hallucinations (easy to miss) that you may need to correct.

Step 6: Make final tweaks to the deck (using AI and by hand)

Plus AI slide editing interface to reformat slides

AI can produce a great starting point for a presentation, but it is unlikely to give you a 100% completed product. When using Plus, you will receive "tips" on each slide with suggestions like "Add a customer quote" that may require a human touch.

You can also continue to use Plus AI's presentation tools to convert slides to new layouts, rewrite content, and edit the theme of the presentation.

Step 7: Export to PowerPoint or share the Google Slides link

how to export AI presentation to PowerPoint

If you'd like to share your presentation as a PowerPoint attachment, click File -> Download -> Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx). If you'd like to share as a Google Slides presentation, just click Share and send it like you would send a normal Google Slides link.

Tips for using AI to create presentations

How to write an effective AI prompt for Plus AI
  • Make sure your prompt gives the AI enough information - Include the goal, audience, and specific pieces of content you would like to include. Learn more about writing effective prompts here.
  • Understand the potential and limitations of AI - AI is prone to hallucination and may be limited in how it can access up-to-date data. Always make sure to check facts and figures.
  • Figure out your AI workflow - AI is a set of tools that can help you get work done faster and smarter, but there are many different ways to use it. Some people may prefer to start with an existing deck and use AI to rewrite or reformat it, while some people might prefer to start from a new AI-designed presentation every time.
  • Zoom out and focus on what's important - AI gives everyone a personal business assistant to do the boring, repetitive work. This gives you the freedom to think at the 10,000 foot level about the goals of the presentation and what you want to communicate!


Is there an AI that can create PowerPoint or Google Slides presentations?

AI tools have transformed the way people get work done, but they all have limitations.

GPT-4 is the latest version of OpenAI's large language models, and it is the most powerful AI model that has been released to-date. Unfortunately, while GPT-4 can write presentation outlines, slide titles, and slide content, it cannot actually create slides with layouts, images, and formatting in PowerPoint file format.

To create slides in PowerPoint or Google Slides, you need to use a tool like Plus AI that can transform text content into layouts and graphics for a presentation.

Can I ask ChatGPT for VBA code to create a PowerPoint presentation?

ChatGPT VBA code to create PowerPoint presentation

One 'workaround' to create PowerPoint presentations using ChatGPT is to ask ChatGPT to write VBA code for generating a PowerPoint. This is a complicated workflow that only generates simple text and bullet slides, but it does extend ChatGPT outside of its chat interface by "connecting" it to PowerPoint.

To create a PowerPoint using VBA, ask ChatGPT to provide the VBA code to create a presentation. Then, inside of PowerPoint, open the Tools menu, click Macros, and select Visual Basic Editor. From there, create a new module, copy paste your code, and click the Run button inside of the Visual Basic Editor. Now when you go back to your PowerPoint window, you should see the completed presentation.

If this looks like too much work for a very basic output, try using Plus AI, which allows you to create a professional presentation from a prompt or paste in a presentation outline from ChatGPT.

Is there a custom GPT for presentations?

Yes, while you can ask the general ChatGPT model for help with your presentations, you can also try using a custom GPT like Plus AI Presentation Maker for help planning and outlining presentations. This custom GPT for presentations will help you make sure your presentation has a great narrative structure and adhere to presentation best practices.

Unfortunately, custom GPTs are chat-based, so you will not be able to directly interact with your presentation from the ChatGPT interface. Instead we suggest using an add-on like Plus AI to bring AI presentation capabilities into a tool like Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Can ChatGPT make a Google Slides presentation?

Yes, you can use ChatGPT to make a Google Slides presentation in two different ways: (1) You can install an add-on like Plus AI, which integrates directly with Google Slides to add AI functionality to Google Slides or (2) You can use ChatGPT to create the outline of a presentation and then build it manually or enter it into an AI presentation maker like Plus.

How do I use GPT in Google Slides?

Google Slides does not have a native GPT presentation functionality. In order to use GPT-4 inside of Google Slides, you need to install an add-on like Plus AI. Plus AI uses GPT and other AI models to create professional presentations with beautiful layouts.

What are the best AI tools for presentations?

It's tough to recommend a single best AI tool for anything, so we've reviewed the best AI presentation generators for different types of users here. Here is a summary of the best AI slide tools depending on what you are looking for:

  • Best for Google Slides users: Plus AI
  • Best for PowerPoint users: Microsoft 365 Copilot*
  • Best for non-traditional slides users: Gamma
  • Best for simple designs: Canva Magic Design
  • Best for brainstorming: ChatGPT

(* Note: Microsoft 365 Copilot does not perform as well as its original preview demos. Instead, we recommend using Plus AI and exporting to PowerPoint)


ChatGPT is an incredibly powerful AI tool, but as a chatbot, it is limited in its ability to design slides and output presentation files. One way around this problem is to use AI tools like Plus to create slides directly inside of your favorite presentation tools.

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