How to delete a slide in Google Slides

Learn how to delete a slide or delete multiple slides in Google Slides, as well as how to use Plus AI to remix your slide content instead of removing it.

When you’re working on a presentation in Google Slides, you may end up with more slides than you need. You might use a particular slide to experiment with formatting, layouts, and content or simply decide not to use some of the slides you created.

Our guide shows you how to delete a slide in Google Slides along with how to skip a slide rather than remove it and how to use Plus AI to edit your slides and make them usable.


Delete a slide in Google Slides

You can remove a slide from your Google Slides presentation easily and you have a variety of ways to do so.

Select the slide in the Filmstrip or Grid View and do one of the following to delete it:

  1. Open Edit in the menu and pick Delete.
  2. Open Slide in the menu and pick Delete slide.
  3. Right-click and pick Delete.
  4. Press the Backspace or Delete key on your keyboard.

Note that once you delete a slide in Google Slides, this permanently removes it. But, if you remove a slide by mistake and haven’t made any other changes to the presentation, click Undo in the top toolbar. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Z on Windows or Command + Z on Mac. You’ll then see your slide return.

Tip: Having trouble getting the text to display correctly? Look at our how-to for wrapping text in Google Slides.

Delete multiple slides

If you want to delete more than one slide from your presentation, you can do this in just a couple of extra steps for selecting the slides.

Select multiple adjacent slides: Choose the first slide, hold your Shift key, and choose the last slide. You’ll then see the group of slides highlighted which means they’re selected.

Select multiple nonadjacent slides: Choose the first slide, hold your Ctrl key on Windows or Command key on Mac, and choose each additional slide. You’ll then see those slides highlighted and selected.

Then, delete the slides using one of the methods above.

Skip a slide in Google Slides

Maybe you want to delete the slide because you don’t want to display it when you present your slideshow. Yet, you don’t necessarily want to remove it completely. In this case, you can skip the slide instead of deleting it.

  1. Select the slide or multiple slides using the steps above.
  2. Open Slide in the menu or right-click and pick Skip slide.
  1. You’ll then see a Skip indicator (crossed-through eye) on the slide in both Filmstrip and Grid View. When you present your slideshow, the slide won’t display. 

For instance, if you skip slide 2, you’ll see slide 1 and then slide 3 when you present the show.

To unhide the slide later, select it and open Slide in the menu or right-click and pick Unskip slide. The Skip indicator disappears and the slide reappears in the presentation.

Edit Google Slides with Plus AI

If the reason you want to delete a slide is because you’re struggling to find the right layout or appropriate content and want to start over, you can edit it with Plus AI instead of removing it. This allows you to keep the content you spent time adding and remix the slide to change the appearance or update the content to fit the presentation better.

With Plus AI for Google Slides and Docs, you can edit an existing presentation’s content, slide layout, and design. So, whether you have the right content but the wrong layout or vice versa, Plus AI helps you create an attractive and informative Google Slides presentation.

There’s more to Plus AI than editing existing Google Slides presentations. You can create entire slideshows by entering instructions, pasting text from another spot, or uploading a file. And you can start with an eye-catching template or set up your own custom theme that you can easily reuse.

For more, visit the Plus AI website for complete details, features, and to start your free trial.


You can delete one or more slides easily in Google Slides as well as skip a slide you want to work on later. Just keep in mind that you can also use Plus AI to edit slide layouts and content to make them fit your presentation without losing the time you’ve already spent.


How do I select all slides in Google Slides?

You can quickly select all slides in a presentation using a keyboard shortcut. In Filmstrip or Grid View, select any slide. Then, press Ctrl + A on Windows or Command + A on Mac and you’ll see all slides highlighted and selected.

How do you delete formatting in Google Slides?

You can clear the formatting for elements on your Google Slides if you apply something you don’t like. Select the slide and item on it, open Format in the menu, and pick Clear formatting.

How do I recover a deleted Google Slides file?

If you mistakenly delete your entire Google Slides presentation file, you can recover it within 30 days using Google Drive. Visit Google Drive using the same Google account, choose Trash in the left-hand menu, right-click the file, and pick Restore.

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