100+ ChatGPT prompts to make presentations

100+ AI prompts to help you brainstorm, plan, create, practice, and revise your next presentation

Want to use ChatGPT to make your next PowerPoint presentation? Here are 100+ prompts to help you brainstorm, plan, create, practice, and revise your next presentation.


How can I use ChatGPT to help improve my presentations?

ChatGPT is the world's most popular AI tool, and customers use it for everything from meal planning and tutoring to creating business strategies and marketing plans.

Given its wide range of expertise and abilities, it is also an incredible tool for helping people make better presentations. It can help come up with presentation ideas, it can help coach you on improving your presentations, and it can even help you repurpose presentations into other types of content!

Although ChatGPT is a powerful tool, its primary interface is a text-based chat window, so one limitation to using ChatGPT to create presentations is you will likely only use ChatGPT to create a presentation outline and then another AI tool like Plus AI to generate the slides themselves.

How to write an effective AI prompt

To get the most out of your AI tools, you need to learn a little bit about how they work. AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard work by taking your inputs and using them to create a response based on large amounts of "training data" (basically all of the text on the internet).

In order to help match your inputs to the best "outputs," you can write prompts that guide the AI and help it understand your request. Here are some tips for how to do that:

  1. Be clear and concise: Use simple language and avoid ambiguous requests.
  2. Provide context: Give the AI background information on who/what/why is creating the content.
  3. Specify the output format: If you want the AI to generate an outline, ask for an outline. If you want a slide title, bullet points, and speaker notes, ask for that specifically.
  4. Use examples: If you want the AI to write in a specific style or output in a specific format, provide examples of what you mean.
  5. Iterate and practice: If you don't get what you want on the first try, just try again, it's fast! The best way to continue getting better at prompting is to experiment and try lots of prompts.

If you are using a tool like Plus AI that is specifically built to create presentations, here are some additional tips to help you generate great results. Make sure to always include:

  1. The type of presentation (e.g., pitch deck, board deck, webinar, book report)
  2. Presentation topic (as much detail as you can provide on the topic)
  3. Audience (who is going to be reading the presentation)
  4. Specific content (any specific slides or materials to make sure to include in the presentation)

As you continue to learn more about ChatGPT and other AI tools, you'll become better and better at writing AI prompts. Now, here are more examples and inspiration prompts to help you create amazing presentations!

Prompts to generate presentation ideas

  • Generate 5 potential topics relating to the impact of climate change on the economy for a group project
  • Create a list of presentation topics that cover the top 3-5 priorities for healthcare CIOs
  • Help me think of new marketing ideas for a car dealership to present to my boss. Focus on ideas that relate to reengaging with existing customers
  • Help me come up with a webinar content series about how to use AI for real estate agents
  • Generate a list of the 10 most interesting presentation topics for high school students who are interested in space travel
  • Create a table with a list of 10 presentation ideas for a PowerPoint night and score each one based on educational value and humor value
  • Make a list of end of summer presentation ideas for an intern at a wealth management firm
  • Create a list of presentation ideas I can make at an interview for a sales job at a car wash software company
  • Brainstorm a list of topics that would be interesting to high school students as real life examples of how to use calculus
  • Suggest 5 ideas for presentations about the 21st century capitalism
  • Make a list of 10 ideas for final presentations for my class on behavioral economics. Make sure each of the ideas could also include an interactive activity during the presentation
  • Ask me 10 questions about my interests and then use the results to pick a presentation topic for me for an upcoming PowerPoint Night about AI

Prompts to generate outlines

  • Create an outline for a presentation about the impact of climate change on island nations
  • Create an outline with slide titles and bullet points for each slide about how to make the best of a hospital stay
  • Generate an outline explaining how to implement a new social media strategy oriented around short form video at a car dealership
  • Create an outline for a webinar presentation about AI. For each slide, include a slide title, description, layout, and placeholder content
  • Make an outline for my PowerPoint Night presentation about energy crystals. Make sure each slide has a detailed description of the content and best layout
  • Generate an outline for a sales deck about point of sale software that I can create for an upcoming sales interview
  • Put together a very detailed outline (with descriptive slide titles, a summary of the slide contents, a detailed description of the layout of the slide, and the overall vibe of the presentation them) for a presentation about birth order studies in social psychology
  • Think like a world-class storyteller who is creating the outline for a TED Talk about why people are actually not spending a lot of time on their phones. Give me a very detailed description of the talk as well as minute markers to expect when to talk about different topics.
  • Make an outline for a presentation about number theory for a class of high school students who are interested in becoming college math majors
  • Help me create a presentation outline for a slide deck presenting a new marketing strategy for a direct to consumer contact lens business

Prompts to create an entire presentation

Where can I use these prompts to create a presentation? ChatGPT can give you outlines of presentation and example content, but if you want slides in PowerPoint or Google Slides format, try Plus AI.

See examples of AI-generated presentation in the Plus AI example presentations gallery.

  • Create a marketing strategy for Chloe's Coffee, an artisanal coffee shop selling fair-trade coffee in an aesthetic location. (example output)
  • Create a case study on Spotify's entry into the podcast market and whether or not they could have better spend the capital on acquisitions on a different business line
  • Create a presentation about dinosaurs for a classroom of 5th graders. Include a slide on the differences between carnivores and herbivores with examples of different dinosaurs
  • Build a webinar presentation about how to set up a dog training business. Include a slide easy-to-follow steps to find your first client
  • Create a market research report on the car wash franchise market and whether there are opportunities to start a new franchise in the Seattle market
  • Create a presentation about Moby Dick for an AP English class. Include a slide about the key themes of the book and how they apply to today's cultural landscape
  • Create a presentation to support a TED Talk on happiness that highlights surprising and counterintuitive findings about happiness
  • Generate a pitch deck for a self-driving motorcycle company (try out the Plus AI pitch deck generator here)
  • Create a TikTok marketing strategy for Dan Dan Noodles, a quick-service noodle restaurant started by two cofounders named Dan and Dan (example output)
  • Create the slides for an online course about best practices for personal cybersecurity
  • Create a presentation to plan out a Hawaii vacation with my friends. Include a day-by-day itinerary with photos of the destinations
  • Generate a presentation in Spanish about the growth of the Mexican economy

Prompts to create individual slides

  • Add a slide with the key characters from Great Expectations
  • Create a timeline about the Global Financial Crisis
  • Build a slide discussing the pros and cons of renewable and non-renewable energy sources
  • Create a slide with a SWOT analysis for a healthy juice shop
  • Create a slide with a diagram of the Krebs Cycle
  • Create an executive summary slide that summarizes this presentation [copy and paste presentation content]
  • Generate a slide summarizing this movie review [copy and paste content]
  • Add a slide highlighting the key features of Plus AI presentation maker
  • Create a two column slide comparing the Great Depression to the Great Recessions
  • Add an image slide that highlights a quote from Albert Einstein
  • Suggest 3 key points and supporting facts for a slide about the benefits of AI in healthcare

Prompts to help rewrite content

  • Make these text bullets more concise
  • Improve the readability of this slide
  • Rewrite this content by using a sports analogy to explain how credit card networks work
  • Propose 3 different options to reword this slide title to make it more engaging
  • Rewrite this slide to give it a professional tone
  • Rewrite this slide for a high school audience
  • Rewrite this content in the style of William Shakespeare
  • Simplify this content for a non-technical audience
  • Generate a catchy, rhyming title for this slide on the benefits of yoga and mindfulness
  • Add a call to action to the bottom of this text box
  • Rewrite this blog post as 3 concise bullets
  • Rephrase this conclusion to make it more memorable for readers
  • Improve the clarity of these bullet points
  • Translate this content into Spanish

Prompts to help with graphics

  • Help me come up with a Google search query for an image that would be a good background image for this slide: [copy and paste slide content]
  • Find an image that could be a good background image for this slide about how to take care of plants
  • Help me create 4 icons that I can use on this SWOT analysis slide
  • Help me pick the graphics for a timeline slide that highlights key points of Michael Jordan's carerr
  • Suggest 3 visuals that i could use in a presentation about the benefits of nuclear energy
  • Recommend search terms to find memes about working overtime on holidays
  • Give me 5 ideas on visuals and graphics that would illustrate the impact of climate change on island nations
  • Help me come up with design ideas for how to create a presentation about different types of diets
  • Suggest a series of 5-10 images and graphics I could use in a presentation to teach students about immunotherapy
  • Write a Google search query to find an image that would complement a slide about how to negotiate a high salary at work
  • Write mermaidjs to create a system diagram that describes the following system: [copy paste system description]

Prompts to improve presentation skills

  • Give me 3 strategies to help me manage stage fright before making a work presentation
  • Coach me on how to do better presentations if I typically can't avoid reading off the slides when I present to a room of people
  • Add speaker notes to this presentation outline
  • Ask me three questions that someone might have about this presentation
  • Give me 3 easy tips to practice my presentation
  • Help me write a script for this presentation
  • Give me 5 examples of how to present this slide without reading the content directly
  • Suggest 3 exercises that I can do to improve my presentation delivery
  • Give me 5 difficult questions that I might receive during my presentation on climate change. Suggest answers as well
  • Provide 3 ways I can improve my presentation skills during my next presentations
  • Help me make a list of 3 methods I can follow to slow down my speech during a presentation
  • I am going to run through my presentation five times. Help me come up with a different thing to practice each time I run through it
  • Give me 5 ways to exercise pacing during my presentation

Prompts for how to to start a presentation

  • Write an attention-grabbing opener to a presentation about gun control
  • Generate 3 options for interactive activities to start a training session on first aid at work
  • Give me a surprising fact about the history of airplanes that I can use to start a presentation on the evolution of air travel
  • Suggest 3 thought-provoking quotes about innovation to start a presentation on new AI technologies
  • Help me create 3 bold predictions that I can use to open a presentation on the future of AI in education
  • Give me a list of 10 icebreakers, so I can choose one to open a presentation that I use for new employee onboarding
  • Pick 2 quotes presenting the pros and cons about the growth of crypto to use at the start of a pitch deck for a crypto marketplace
  • Write a script for how I can start a presentation about ecommerce in Australia. Use Australian slang and an anecdote about how ecommerce is different in Australia than in other countries
  • Create a 5 question quiz about the audience's daily habits to start a presentation about the power of habit
  • Help me refine my story about getting my first job to make it more relatable to a group of Gen Z interns

Prompts for how to end a presentation

  • Summarize the key takeaways from this presentation [copy and paste presentation] and help me come up with a mnemonic I can tell the audience to remember these takeaways
  • End with a memorable quote or saying that relates to the key points of this presentation
  • Help me create a persuasive call to action for the audience to start their online business today after I finish my presentation on how to create an online course
  • Help me come up with an idea for a memorable meme to end my presentation on meditation and mindfulness
  • Come up with 5 potential questions that I can use at the end of my presentation to start the Q&A and discussion. Focus on open-ended questions that my be controversial
  • Help me come up with a funny way to thank the audience in a way that relates to my presentation about dinosaurs
  • Summarize the key content in my presentation and create a positive outlook on the future of AI
  • Give me an idea for an interactive activity that will reiterate the main points of this case study presentation
  • Write a script for me to challenge the audience to apply what they've learned in this presentation to their own lives and share their experiences
  • Help me come up with an ending to my presentation. I want to give the audience a "what if" scenario that encourages everyone to consider the impact of global warming in a non-cheesy, original way

Prompts to repurpose presentation content

  • Convert this presentation into a one-pager summary
  • Convert this presentation into a 300 word blog post
  • Use the content from this presentation into a set of 5 Tweets
  • Use the content from this presentation to generate ideas for 5 TikTok videos
  • Summarize this presentation into an email that I can share with my team
  • Help me turn this presentation into a set of talking points for my podcast
  • Use this presentation as the base material for a script for a YouTube video teaching this content to elementary school students
  • Repurpose the content from this slide and turn it into a LinkedIn post
  • Using this presentation outline, help me come up with 3 ideas for online courses
  • Turn this presentation into a three page essay
  • Write a ten question multiple choice quiz based on this presentation
  • Convert this presentation into the storyboard for a YouTube video

Want more inspiration?

Ready to get started on your next presentation? Prompts are great, but examples are even better! Here is a list of unique presentation ideas, here is a set of example presentations, and here is a set of (free) templates you can use to get a head-start on your next presentation.

Of course, the easiest way to get a first draft of your next presentation is to use Plus AI. Get the add-on today, and have your next presentation ready for you in less than minutes!

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