Using Plus to share data across your team painlessly!

Stop worrying about multiple logins and versions of the same data by using Plus as the source of truth across all your apps.

We built Plus so your company can make use of all the data across your apps, without having to invest in setting up complicated integrations — especially when access to, or knowledge of how to use, those apps is not shared universally across your team.

Plus makes it easy for anyone to share data from virtually any app with everybody else on the team who might need access. So you can use Plus as the source of truth and stop sharing logins, relying on your teammates to use unfamiliar tools, and wondering “am I looking at the right version of our MRR metric?”

Use the Team space to share data and metrics

When you invite your teammates, coworkers, or leaders to Plus, everyone has shared access to Snapshots and Pages in your shared Team space.

You can create a shared folder of metrics you review weekly as a team, give visibility to your coworker who doesn't have access to the same tools you do, and allow an executive to quickly access important data from their phone.

Access data from another team without logging into their tool

I can see Snapshots created and maintained by our engineering manager on our recruiting pipeline, without having access or needing to navigate our applicant tracking system. I can also use these Snapshots in other tools, like Notion.

This means I have constant visibility into metrics I care about, and Zach doesn’t have to get pinged to send me the latest pipeline overview or help make sure I’m looking at the right version of the pipeline inside Lever. We also don’t need to share login credentials, keeping access to key systems secure.

Share your data in the tools where discussion actually happens

When you share Plus content using other tools, you can take advantage of the collaboration features and permissions/controls those other tools provide. For example, you can collaborate on a Google slides presentation or Notion document together with other teammates.

Coming soon: You can set up an automation to push a Snapshot into Slack on a schedule, so that the most important metrics are top-of-mind for your teammates on a regular basis.


💬 If you’d like to see how Plus brings together all of your team's data where you need it, without having to worry about complicated setup or integrations, request an invite to join our Private Beta — we’d love to hear your feedback!

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