Everything you need to know about Pecha Kucha

An overview of Pecha Kucha, example Pecha Kucha presentations, and tips for your next presentation


What is the meaning of Pecha Kucha?

Pecha Kucha is a presentation format where speakers present a 20 slide presentation and spend 20 seconds per slide. This means each presentation is roughly 7 minutes long.

Typically, the Pecha Kucha format is a way for presenters to introduce an audience to a new topic in an abbreviated presentation, but it can also be used for educational presentations, work presentations, and more.

The term Pecha Kucha is a transliteration of the Japanese phrase ぺちゃくちゃ which is translated as “chit chat.” It originated with a Japanese design firm that invited young designers to present their work to the Tokyo design community.

How can I create a Pecha Kucha presentation?

The main difference between a traditional presentation and a Pecha Kucha presentation is that in a traditional slide presentation, the presenter spends 1-2 minutes per slide

The pace of a Pecha Kucha presentation is much faster, so there should probably be less content on each slide and more images, similar to a TED talk.

That being said, Pecha Kucha presentations follow the same rules of presentations as any other slide show.

  • Create a narrative and decide on your key points
  • Make sure your slides look nice (enough)
  • Practice so your presentation is not a reading

How to create a Pecha Kucha presentation with AI?

If you want a head start on creating a Pecha Kucha presentation, you can use a tool like Plus AI. Plus allows you to upload a document or start with a prompt and create a presentation with AI minutes. 

Because Plus AI creates your slides directly in PowerPoint or Google Slides, you can also edit them like a traditional slide deck, so it’s easy to tweak them, add images, and refine your slides for your Pecha Kucha presentation.

Example Pecha Kucha presentations

Here are sample Pecha Kucha presentations that each have 20 slides that can be presented for approximately 20 seconds each.

Best Pecha Kucha ideas and topics

Many Pecha Kucha events come with a theme, so if you’re looking for presentation ideas for a group of people, check out our lists of persuasive presentation ideas or PowerPoint Night ideas.

Here are some of our favorite themes and presentation ideas:

  • What I do at work
  • A short explanation of [complicated celebrity gossip] / [complex scientific theory]
  • Favorite vacation destinations
  • What school is like in [country]
  • Why you should stop doing [activity that annoys you]
  • The best dishes in [city] / [food group]
  • What the future of [AI] / [music] / [etc] looks like

Pecha Kucha template

Here are some of our favorite Plus AI slide templates that you can use for a Pecha Kucha presentation. You can use any of these templates with Plus AI to generate your own Pecha Kucha presentation and then edit it like a normal Google Slides or Powerpoint presentation.


  • What is the format for a Pecha Kucha presentation? Pecha Kucha presentations are 6 minutes and 40 seconds long. They include 20 slides that should take 20 seconds each to present.
  • How do you pronounce Pecha Kucha? Most people pronounce Pecha Kucha as petch-uh-kooch-uh, although the original Japanese pronunciation puts the accent on the second syllable petch-AH-kooch-AH.
  • How can I create a Pecha Kucha presentation with Google Slides? Use an AI presentation maker to create a first draft of a slide deck, and then make edits so you have 20 slides that each have roughly 20 seconds of content.
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