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Hands down the best AI PowerPoint maker on the market. I can generate entire presentations from a prompt, or I can turn text into slides.
Amazing tool! Plus AI not only speeds up the presentation creation process but also suggests edits that enhance overall quality.
I was skeptical about using AI to create presentations at first, but Plus AI has completely won me over. I love how it streamlines the entire process.
The setup was easy and Plus AI created a great structure and talking points for my presentation. I really like the tips on each slide to help me choose images or expand on a point. This tool is now in my arsenal!
Excellent tool that saves me a significant amount of time. It creates a presentation that needs only minor editing when used with detailed prompts. Our team loves it for brainstorming and account reps use it for collaborating with clients.
I was so impressed with the slides that came from me sharing the text of one of my speeches. The clever layout to mix up how the slides look is nice to bring variety. I appreciate the little tips on things to say or add to make the presentation more engaging.
I compared this tool to another popular slide maker and I found the templates, character input, and unlimited presentations make this one the better option.
Having struggled with making presentations all my life, I found it accessible and convenient to use Plus AI to generate and edit my slideshows based on some inputs, then customise to my liking.
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How do I create a PowerPoint with AI?

Install the Plus AI add-on and open a new Google Slides presentation. From there, click Extensions → Plus AI → New Presentation.

When you're done editing the presentation, export it as a PPTX file.

Can I use Plus AI directly in PowerPoint?

Yes, we offer a PowerPoint add-on for our enterprise customers.

Alternatively, you can use Plus AI to create a Google Slides presentation and export it to PowerPoint.

If you'd like to sign up for the waitlist for our native PowerPoint add-in, send us a note.

Can I use Plus AI to format my existing PowerPoint slides?

Yes, you can use the "Remix" feature in Plus to reformat or convert existing slides into new formats and layouts using Plus AI.

Can I use Plus AI to create one slide at a time?

Yes, Plus is an AI slide maker that can create individual slides or entire presentations. Click the "Insert" tab in Plus to create one slide at a time using a prompt or longer piece of text like a blog post or article.

Can I use ChatGPT PPT?

Yes, here are instructions on how to use ChatGPT to create a PPT, although it may be easier to use a tool like Plus AI which is directly integrated with your presentation tool.

What is the best AI presentation tool for PowerPoint?

We think Plus is the best AI PowerPoint maker for users who want to build professional presentations. Tools like Copilot produce very basic presentations that are not ready to use at work.

To use Plus AI with PowerPoint, create your slides in Google Slides, and then export your presentation as a .pptx file.

You can see how Plus compares to other AI presentation tools in this roundup.

Is Plus AI a free AI PowerPoint generator?

You can try Plus for 7 days for free. After that, you can choose a paid plan that meets your needs.

Can I use Plus AI with my team?

Yes! When you invite your team to Plus AI, you can share themes and custom instructions to ensure your team creates presentations with a consistent look and feel.

Can I use a custom template with Plus AI?

We train Plus to work with custom templates for our Enterprise customers. Get in touch if you're interested.

Is Plus AI a text to PowerPoint AI?

Yes, you can use Text-to-Presentation mode in Plus AI to create presentations from text or documents. All you have to do is copy and paste the text or upload a document to convert blog posts, articles, and PDFs into presentations.

How does security work for Plus AI?

We follow enterprise-grade security practices and have achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance. You can read more about our security policies and procedures on our security page.