Business plan for coffee shop

Here is an example of a marketing strategy for Chloe's Coffee, an artisanal coffee shop that serves high-quality coffee in a beautiful environment

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Create a marketing strategy for Chloe's Coffee, an artisanal coffee shop selling fair-trade coffee in an aesthetic location.

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Example business plan for coffee shops

This presentation is an example of a business plan for a coffee shop. Here is the structure of the presentation:

  1. Overview of Chloe's Coffee
  2. Mission and vision statement
  3. Coffee suppliers and coffee process
  4. Market analysis
  5. Competitive advantage
  6. Sales and marketing strategy
  7. Financial projections
  8. Risks and mitigations
  9. Future opportunities


The first slide in this presentation is a four bullet point summary about the coffee shop along with a mockup photo of the interior, so that if someone only looks at one slide, they can get a quick idea of what we are trying to build in our coffee shop.

Mission and vision statement

Not all businesses put a lofty mission statement in their business plan, but one of the core tenants of this coffee shop is building a sustainable business with sustainably sourced goods, so it is a good idea to put this in a business plan we will share with stakeholders.

Coffee suppliers and coffee process

The next section gets into more detail on what sets Chloe's Coffee apart from your typical coffee shop. These slides go into more detail on the coffee sourcing, roasting, and brewing process to give readers of this presentation a better sense of how Chloe's Coffee will differentiate itself from other coffee shops.

Market analysis and competitive advantage

This is where the presentation starts getting into the 'traditional' business plan style analysis. The first quantitative slide is the market slide which shows how quickly the specialty coffee market is growing and why that is a good opportunity for Chloe's Coffee. This is then backed up with the competitive advantage slide which outlines why Chloe's Coffee will be able to make money in this market.

Sales and marketing strategy

This slide continues to flesh out the business plan by describing how Chloe's Coffee will be growing its market share and finding more customers. It provides specific examples of how it will use different marketing channels to grow its business.

Financial projections

In this example, the slide presents a very simplified view of some of the outputs from a financial model. In a real business model presentation, there would likely be a backup spreadsheet that goes into more detail on each of these key metrics and/or a follow-up slide showing some of the key outputs from the model in chart or graph form.

Risks and opportunities

One sign of a good plan is looking forward to what could potentially go wrong and addressing those issues at the beginning, before getting started! In this business chain, there is a slide with three of the main risks for Chloe's Coffee, along with the steps the business can take now to mitigate those risks.

In addition to the risks side, there is an opportunities slide which highlights some of the additional growth opportunities after the coffee shop is established. This helps paint the picture for an optimistic future where the coffee shop continues to grow and do well.

How to improve this business plan

Here are some ideas on how you might improve on this business plan:

  • Add a timeline slide that shows when the business will be expected to reach various milestones
  • Add more detail and/or create an addendum with some of the key financial data like cash, estimated monthly spend, and benchmarks from similar businesses
  • Include a team slide with the founders of the business and key employees

Generate a coffee shop business plan with AI

Using an AI tool like Plus AI is a powerful way to quickly create a first draft of a business plan. Here are some example prompts you can use in Plus AI to craft your next business plan:

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