Healthcare marketing strategy

Here is an example of a marketing strategy for a healthcare company that specializes in providing online resources for patients suffering from TFCC tears.

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Create a marketing strategy for, a healthcare website that provides information and resources to patients who are suffering from TFCC injuries

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Marketing strategy template for healthcare companies

This presentation is an example of a marketing strategy presentation for a healthcare company called Here is the structure of the presentation:

  1. Overview of the business
  2. Current market analysis
  3. Competitive landscape
  4. Target audience
  5. Marketing goals
  6. Marketing channels
  7. SEO content ideas
  8. Other campaign ideas
  9. Monitoring and evaluation

Business overview

This presentation begins with an overview of the existing business. It describes what the company does and provides a summary of the key selling points of the website.

Market landscape

Next, this presentation reviews the current market for this type of healthcare solution, along with an overview of the key competitors, market trends, and core demographics of the target audience, all of which may inform the marketing strategy.

Marketing goals

Sometimes goals are presented at the end of the presentation, but this strategy presentation chooses to put the goals ahead of the specific strategy and tactics that will be followed to achieve the goals. On this slide, it lays out two very quantitative goals (traffic and referrals), as well as one brand-focused goal to build awareness among the key audiences for the website.

Marketing channels and initial ideas

This is the core of the presentation. In this section, the strategy document outlines the core marketing channels that can leverage, as well as some early ideas on how to create content for those channels. If this were a presentation that summarized additional research, it would probably go into more detail on the specifics of each of these ideas and initiatives. For this presentation, it is still a high level overview, and there would probably need to be a follow-up document with specific tasks and timelines to begin work on this strategy.

Monitoring and evaluation

The last piece of the presentation is a set of steps to monitor and evaluate the success of this marketing strategy. While not every marketing activity is easily measurable, it is important to create a plan to judge the success (or failure) of any large investment.

How to improve this marketing strategy

Here are some ideas on how you might improve on this marketing strategy:

  • Make the strategy more specific for one type of customer (e.g., patients over age 50 who are less comfortable with technology)
  • Make the strategy more specific for one type of marketing channel (e.g., SEO only)
  • Add a slide with next steps or a timeline
  • Find benchmarks and references to competitors and similar companies to see how your marketing metrics compare

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  • Create a marketing presentation for my healthcare consulting firm that specializes in clinical trials management
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