Nonprofit marketing strategy

Here is an example of a marketing strategy for a fictional nonprofit called Ballot Box, which sells subscription boxes to raise money for voter registration initiatives.

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Create an SEO strategy for Ballot Box, a nonprofit that funds voter registration initiatives by selling subscription boxes.

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Marketing strategy template for nonprofits

This presentation is an example of a marketing strategy for a nonprofit. Here is the structure of the presentation:

  1. Introduction to the nonprofit
  2. Current metrics and status
  3. Introduction to SEO and current SEO performance
  4. Proposed SEO strategy
  5. Expected results and KPIs

Introduction to the nonprofit and current metrics

This slide deck begins with an introduction to Ballot Box. For most strategy presentations, whether internal or external, it is helpful to start with an overview slide that reviews the current state of the organization. In this case, there is a qualitative overview on the existing Ballot Box organization, as well as a quantitative overview of metrics like recurring revenue, registrations, and social media followers.

Introduction to SEO

This presentation is a specific proposal for Ballot Box to begin adopting an SEO strategy to promote their organization, so it provides readers a high-level overview of why SEO is important as well as a chart showing the current SEO performance of Ballot Box. The chart here is a placeholder, but it should be replaced with real data for your nonprofit.

Proposed SEO strategy

The next four slides are the core of the presentation. The first slide lays out a high-level proposed strategy, and the subsequent slides provide more details on the specific activities and initiatives underneath the high-level strategy buckets. For example, the on-page SEO strategy provides more details on how to do keyword research and page optimization, and then the keyword strategy slide provides some of the first keywords for this campaign to begin focusing on.

Expected results and KPIs

The last slide in this presentation presents some of the expected benefits to adopting this new SEO marketing strategy. While forecasts are never 100% accurate, this is a helpful way to share expectations around this project and open the discussion for why the numbers are not higher or lower.

How to improve this marketing strategy

Here are some ideas on how you might improve on this marketing strategy:

  • Make the strategy more specific for your target demographic (e.g., college students in the Northeast)
  • Include background on what you are doing across other marketing channels (e.g., social media, partnerships)
  • Add detail and backup slides about your existing data and metrics (particularly around customer demographics and customer usage patterns)
  • Find benchmarks and references to similar organizations to see how your marketing metrics compare

Generate a nonprofit marketing strategy with AI

Using an AI tool like Plus AI is a powerful way to quickly create a first draft of a strategy presentation. Here are some example prompts you can use in Plus AI to craft your next marketing strategy:

  • Create a TikTok strategy for my nonprofit that helps first-time homebuyers save money for a house
  • Build a strategy presentation for a nonprofit that is looking for new sponsors to host community events
  • Build a marketing strategy for a nonprofit that helps distribute books to kids in downtown Seattle

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