Real estate marketing strategy

Here is an example of a marketing strategy for a fictional real estate company called Chloe's Condos, a real estate broker focused on the condominium market.

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Create a marketing strategy for Chloe's Condos, a high end real estate brokerage focused on selling condos. Create a plan to launch a new direct mail marketing campaign.

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Marketing strategy template for real estate agencies

This presentation is an example of a marketing strategy for a real estate broker. Here is the structure of the presentation:

  1. Introduction to Chloe's Condos, a real estate agency
  2. Understanding the market
  3. Overview of existing marketing channels
  4. Deep dive on new direct mail marketing strategy
  5. Marketing budget
  6. Metric monitoring and evaluation
  7. Next steps

Introduction to the business

This presentation starts with an introduction slide with an overview of the existing business. Depending on the audience for the presentation (e.g., external vs. internal), it may be helpful to go into even more detail on the existing business, but if this is an internal presentation, this is a good review of the key information as baseline before presenting a new strategy.

Market information

Before presenting the specific ideas for the marketing strategy, this slide is meant to reiterate the target market and the target buyer persona, so that the audience for the presentation can evaluate the strategy in the context of who the business is trying to reach.

Existing market channels

The next slide in this presentation is a discussion of the existing marketing channels as well as a short prelude to the direct mail marketing strategy, which is the new proposal for the real estate agency. This slide is a helpful transition from what is happening today to what this brokerage could do in the future to grow their business.

Proposal: Direct mail strategy

This slide is a more detailed look at who, what, and how Chloe's Condos could run a new direct mail marketing campaign. It includes details on who to target, what to include in the mailers, and how to convert those mailers into customers.

Budget and evaluation

The next section of the presentation provides a draft budget and set of success metrics for this marketing campaign. It proposes a $25K budget for this campaign, which is a little over 10% of the current existing marketing budget.

Next steps

Finally, this marketing strategy presentation ends with a tactical list of next steps to launch the campaign, as well as a list of things to do next to analyze the performance of the campaign.

How to improve this marketing strategy

Here are some ideas on how you might improve on this marketing strategy:

  • Make the strategy more specific for your geographic market (e.g., suburbs of Chicago)
  • Make the strategy more specific for one type of marketing channel (e.g., SEO strategy or TikTok strategy)
  • Add detail and backup slides about your existing data and metrics (particularly around customer demographics and customer usage patterns)
  • Find benchmarks and references to competitors and similar companies to see how your marketing metrics compare

Generate a real estate marketing strategy with AI

Using an AI tool like Plus AI is a powerful way to quickly create a first draft of a strategy presentation. Here are some example prompts you can use in Plus AI to craft your next marketing strategy:

  • Create a TikTok strategy for my real estate agency that will help me reach first-time homebuyers
  • Create an SEO strategy for my homebuying company that targets people who want to sell their homes quickly
  • Build a marketing strategy presentation for a suburban real estate company that will be presented to investors

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