Startup marketing strategy

Here is an example of a marketing strategy for a startup called FoodDrive, which operates self-driving food trucks to deliver food to customers' homes and workplaces.

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Create a marketing strategy for FoodDrive, a startup that delivers food using a fleet of autonomous food trucks.

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Marketing strategy template for startups

This presentation is an example of a startup marketing strategy for a food delivery business. Here is the structure of the presentation:

  1. Business overview
  2. Key target markets
  3. Marketing channels
  4. Social media deep dive
  5. Measurement and KPIs
  6. Next steps

Business overview

This marketing strategy presentation begins with an overview to the business, the problem it is trying to solve, and its unique value proposition. Most marketing strategy presentations may not need this much context on the existing business, but because this is a unique business, it is helpful to go examine the existing product because the uniqueness of the product is an important selling point in and of itself.

Target markets

Before presenting the specific marketing strategy and tactics, it is helpful to understand who the target customer is for the business. In this presentation, this is presented as a set of buyer personas (e.g., health-conscious consumers, busy professionals) to make it easier for the reader of this presentation to "put themselves in the shoes" of someone who might be on the receiving end of this marketing strategy.

Marketing channels

The core of this presentation is the overview of marketing channels and the deep dives on each one. Given the core marketing channels will be social media, partnerships, and customer loyalty via a mobile app, it would be helpful to have a backup slide for each of them. However, given this is a mock presentation, there is only one deep dive on the social media strategy as an example for what a more fleshed out strategy deck could look like.


It's never easy to predict how a business perform, and marketing may be one of the most tricky parts of any business. The important part here, however, is not the specific numbers the business is trying to reach. Rather, it is the thought process that goes into understanding why someone believes the business will grow by a certain amount. The numbers presented on the measurement of marketing success slide are just meant to be an initial guess that can be recalibrated as new information comes in.

Next steps

The last piece of this presentation is a "next steps" slide that succinctly summarizes the key points of the presentation and turns them into specific work items that someone can get started on. This is a great way to end a strategy presentation, assuming that stakeholders agree with the overall strategy.

How to improve this marketing strategy

Here are some ideas on how you might improve on this marketing strategy:

  • Make the strategy more specific for a geographic market (e.g., suburbs of Chicago)
  • Make the strategy more specific for one type of marketing channel (e.g., SEO strategy or TikTok strategy)
  • Add detail and backup slides about your existing data and metrics (particularly around customer demographics and customer usage patterns)
  • Find benchmarks and references to competitors and similar companies to see how your marketing metrics compare

Generate a startup marketing strategy with AI

Using an AI tool like Plus AI is a powerful way to quickly create a first draft of a strategy presentation. Here are some example prompts you can use in Plus AI to craft your next marketing strategy:

  • Create an SEO strategy for my social network that is focused on connecting plumbers around the country
  • Create a marketing strategy for a startup that is selling HVAC systems that distributes nootropics
  • Help me create a weekly social media plan for my enterprise SaaS startup selling AI tools

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