Refined project proposal for clients (vertical)

A simple, vertical presentation template for sharing a design project proposal with prospective clients.

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This vertical (portrait) orientation template is perfect for sending your project proposal to potential clients. It's easy to read on a phone and great for sharing on social media.

Features of this template

  • Simple proposal structure can be adapted for a variety of uses.
  • Included example is for an architectural or interior designer
  • Sample slides include project goals, services offered, process and timeline, proposed scope, sample work, and client testimonials.
  • Beautiful, refined designs highlight your work and portfolio. Works especially well if you have a lot of photography in your portfolio.

Tips and tricks

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  1. Install Plus AI for Google Slides or Plus AI for PowerPoint.
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  3. Go to Start from a template. Select your template.
  4. Enter a prompt or upload a file to generate a custom presentation.
  5. Continue editing with Insert, Remix, and Rewrite.
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How to use this template

Google Slides
Open the template and make a copy to edit and save.
Open the template in Google Slides. Click on File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx).

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