This set of slides gives you a guide to create your own TED-talk-style presentation in Google Slides.

One of the hallmarks of a TED talk is actually how little the speaker tends to rely on visual aids, if at all. TED talk slides tend to be sparse, minimal, and image heavy. They provide a backdrop and visual context for the story being told, but they are not intended to be read. As a result, there IS no standard TED talk template.

But don't worry, you can still use this presentation to help you prepare you own talk.

Slide-set Features

  • 5 simple rules to follow to make your own TED talk presentation.
  • Examples of different image and text slide layouts frequently used in TED talks.
  • Bold text, with red and white color scheme

Additional Resources

How to use this template

Google Slides
Open the template and make a copy to edit and save.
Open the template in Google Slides. Click on File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx).

Import as a theme in Plus AI

Plus AI for Google Slides
Import color and text styles as a theme in Plus AI, which you can use when generating new content or transforming your existing slides with AI.
Check out Plus AI for Google Slides
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