Announcing the Causal <> Plus partnership

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with Causal, the modern business planning platform for finance and beyond.

Causal is an incredible tool that allows startups and finance teams to pull all of their real-time financial data from multiple sources and easily turn it into models and forecasts.

Our integration with Causal will allow customers to create Snapshots from Causal charts and dashboards and embed them directly in tools like Google Slides, Slack, Notion, and more.


Why Causal and Plus

The goal of our partnership is to help startup founders and FP&A teams save time on manual reporting workflows, so they can focus on understanding the insights behind their data and running their businesses, not copying and pasting charts!

We first heard about Causal from one of our customers, who started using Causal and Plus together to automatically update slides for his regular investor updates.

After we each heard about his use case, we quickly tried to figure out how we could partner with one another to bring the same ease of use to other customers as well.

How it works

To get started with Causal and Plus, we created a demo startup financial model and slide deck that showcases how you can use these two tools together.

Watch this video to learn more about how to automate your reporting workflows and make it easier to share financial data.

1 min: Watch the video

5 min: Sign up for Causal and sign up for Plus

10 min: Set up a slide deck and update your charts with the click of a button

30–60 mins: Explore the Causal templates and Plus gallery to find the perfect use case for you

Try it out today!

Sign up for Causal here.

And sign up for Plus here.

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