Get organized with these daily planner Notion templates

Daily planning in Notion is powerful, but hard to get started. We've collected a few of the best templates to help you out.

Daily planners - both analog and digital - have long been key to keeping us organized and making sure things don’t fall through the cracks. We all have different priorities and daily tracking needs, so ideally we need some flexibility when choosing our daily planner. This is where Notion comes in - the hyper-flexible productivity tool provides a great foundation for creating a daily planner that works for every individual.

Daily planner Notion templates

Notion’s superpower - its flexibility - is also what makes it so hard to get started. On top of this, there are thousands of templates to choose from. To make your choice a little easier, we’ve consolidated a few daily planner Notion templates across simple and all-in-one examples.

Simple templates

  1. Daily Planner by Ekemini

This template provides a simple planning framework for daily use. While the basic template is kept very simple, the Customized Daily Planner sets it apart. This hand-held service offers users templates built exactly for their needs. This includes an alignment call with the creator to ensure the template suits your specific needs - this is a level of support you rarely get for Notion templates at this price point.

Price: $5+ for the Daily Planner or $50+ for a Customized Planner.

  1. Personal Task Manager by Limitless Notion

Limitless Notion is generally a great place to start for Notion templates, and this Personal Task Manager is no exception. First of all, it looks great. However, this template isn’t just pretty - the aesthetics and layout make it very easy to navigate. Secondly, it comes with a range of useful functionality for planning your time:

  • Create tasks and organize based on importance and urgency.
  • Have a clear view of tasks, including those that are overdue.

Price: $10.

All-in-one templates

  1. Ultimate Brain by Thomas Frank

This template is designed to be one place for everything, and goes beyond simple daily planning. It’s an incredibly comprehensive template, for more seasoned self-organizers, and includes powerful task and project management frameworks:

  • Daily planning.
  • Getting Things Done-style task management.
  • P.A.R.A.-based project management.
  • Easy-to-use note taking.
  • Personal use cases, including capturing books and recipes.

Price: $99.

  1. Ultimate Life Planner by mrpugo

As the name clearly suggests, this daily planner Notion template is designed to help you manage pretty much everything: Goals, tasks, notes, workouts, plant care (it gets specific!), finance, travel and more. If you like to organize and track most things in your day-to-day life, this is a good choice for you to check out. The list below includes just some of the features included in the planner:

  • Goal Planner & Tracker
  • Notes Dashboard
  • Workout Planner and Manager
  • Mood Tracker

Price: $25.

  1. Build your own daily planner by Akiflow

If you can’t find a daily planner Notion template that suits you, the best solution may be to build it yourself. We know, this is easier said than done; it requires Notion abilities and quite a bit of time. A big part of the challenge is the need to create every component to fit into the template. There are ways to get a head-start though, like this template/guide. It provides individual, easy-to-use individual Notion components, such as:

  • Daily planners.
  • Weekly planners.
  • Reading lists.
  • Habit trackers.

Price: Free.

  1. The Essential Notion Planner Pack by Gridfiti

This 3-in-1 pack works well if you want some flexibility, but don’t quite want to start from the beginning. It contains three separate templates for planning, this time not limited to daily planning. The pack contains daily planning, weekly and monthly planning templates. For someone who is still figuring out how they can best plan in Notion, these three separate templates might give some much needed flexibility. Some of the helpful features of the templates include:

  • Flexibility around planning systems.
  • Goal and intention setting.
  • One-click template buttons to add a new day, week or month.

Price: $5.

Daily planner Notion templates for students

Students have a lot of things to stay on top of: Coursework, exams, class schedules, extracurriculars, and much more. On the plus-side, this means that student-life is a great time to get into the habit of daily planning. With this in mind, we recommend students to go with a student-centric daily Notion planner to start off with something suited for their needs.

  1. StudentHub+

To help students organize their coursework and extracurriculars in Notion, Plus has launched StudentHub+, a free Notion template for students. This is a comprehensive daily planner Notion template that lets students:

  • Organize their calendar, to-dos, and all classes in one place.
  • Track all coursework, class details, and degree requirements.
  • Take notes based on the type of class and create simple quiz tools.

Price: Free.

  1. Student OS for Notion by Gridfiti

This is another great all-in-one planning template for students. Its combination of 15+ templates - available in an aesthetic and a minimal theme - let’s students organize themselves across a range of areas:

  • Track progress on exams and upcoming assignments.
  • Stay on top of weekly and daily to-dos.
  • Understand how grades are looking overall.

Price: $19 - $29.

Specific-purpose daily planner Notion templates

Sometimes a general-purpose template just doesn't get you what you need. The daily planner Notion templates in this section are for those situation.

  1. Ultimate Notion Travel Dashboard by Gridfiti

This template, build by a seasoned traveller, is specifically focused on helping you organize your travels. The purpose is to give you an opportunity to track and organize days on individual trips, but the template also cleverly provides an overview of all your previous trips. It's very feature-rich, so these are just some of the things you can do:

  • Track spending on each trip.
  • Get an overview of your previous travels with the main trip database, including tagging trip types, date ranges and much more.
  • Pre-build packing lists to make sure you don't forget anything before you head off.

Price: $19


Notion is a great tool to organize your time, and there are 1000s of templates to get you started. If you’re looking for templates beyond what we highlight here, have a look at Notion’s official Template Library or other libraries like Gridfiti or Limitless Notion.

Alternatively, have a look at how Dan, our co-founder and CEO organizes his day using Plus in this article or the video below:

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