StudentHub+ - a free Notion template for students

To make it easier for students to start getting their work and extracurriculars organized in Notion, Plus has launched the StudentHub+, a free Notion template for students.

One of the most challenging things about adopting a new productivity tool is knowing where to start. Opening up a blank document can be pretty intimidating, especially with a tool like Notion, where you’ve seen many different videos and screenshots of beautiful setups from experts. 

To make it easier for students to start organizing their work and extracurriculars in Notion, Plus is launching the StudentHub, a free Notion template for students. 

Check out this one minute preview video to see how StudentHub+ lets you…

  • Organize your calendar, your to-dos, and all of your classes in one place
  • Track all of your coursework, class details, and degree requirements
  • Take notes based on the type of class and create simple tools to quiz yourself 

Included with StudentHub, we also link to an in-depth video guide that teaches you advanced Notion features like databases, templates, and more.

To import StudentHub into your personal Notion workspace, follow these steps: 

  1. Open this link to the StudentHub Notion document
  2. At the top right of the window, click duplicate
  3. Open up StudentHub in your Notion navigation
  4. Follow the instructions to add your classes and assignments

(To build StudentHub, we partnered with Jonah Foss, a student at the University of Washington, who we first met at the Seattle Notion meetup)

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