Eating our own (data) dog food

How we use Plus to build Plus (and how you can use it to build your company, too!).

We started Plus to help growing businesses do more with their many data sources, making it a snap to bring all of your team's data together where you need it, without having to worry about complicated setup or integrations. We come to work each day (mostly virtually, but occasionally IRL!) with just 2 goals in mind: build the best product for our users, and build the best team to deliver that product.

As a growing business that uses data to measure how we’re doing against those two goals, we have an ever-expanding constellation of analytics and information sources ourselves. Basically, we’re exactly the sort of team that benefits from using Plus. What’s more, we think it’s essential that any team consumes its own product - what you’ll sometimes hear referred to as “eating your own dog food” (or, in Plus’s case, eating our own data food!). We’re also always trying to get better in every aspect of building a team and a business, and we love sharing with (and learning from!) others how they go about building and running their companies. 

We think it’ll be fun to bring all of this together with a series of blog posts that share how we work, how Plus helps us do so, and what we are learning from our friends about how they go about it. Watch this space in the coming weeks, and if you have a question about how we do things, or if you’re interested in sharing your approach to any of the (many, many!) things it takes to build a startup, message me on LinkedIn. And if you’d like to give Plus a try, request an invite to join our private beta – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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