How to Make Money Using ChatGPT and AI

8 ways to use ChatGPT to make money

Does anyone really make money using ChatGPT? Absolutely. Is it really going to be so easy that you can just watch a TikTok or read a blog post and make $100? Probably not. (If someone tells you it is, they're probably lying to you. 😇)

If you want to figure out how to start making money using AI, here's a list of 8 different ways people are actually building products, finding customers, and generating revenue using ChatGPT and AI. Hopefully this inspires you to start looking for opportunities to start your own business as well!


How can I use ChatGPT to make money?

ChatGPT and related AI tools are some of the most powerful tools for humans to interact with computers, ever. And while ChatGPT is great at many things, it's helpful to take a step back and consider what are things that ChatGPT can help you do, and what are things that are uniquely human.

ChatGPT can help you...

  • Brainstorm new ideas
  • Generate a lot of content
  • Research and explain nearly any topic
  • Convert written content from one language/format/style into another

ChatGPT can't help you...

  • Talk to humans in person
  • Verify the accuracy of information (not with certainty at least)
  • Interact with the physical world (e.g., paint something, deliver something, etc.)

As you being thinking about ways to use ChatGPT to make money, try to focus on things that bring together your unique skills and network together with ChatGPT's AI capabilities to do things that you would not be able to do alone.

Here are some ideas:

#1 - Ask ChatGPT to come up with a new idea for a website

  • Tell ChatGPT about your interests and ask the tool to come up with 5 ideas for a new website that you can start building. By using ChatGPT to help you come up with content ideas, you can start building an SEO-optimized website and make money through ads or selling products and services through your website.

#2 - Ask ChatGPT to come up with a new business based on your skills

  • Tell ChatGPT about your skills and interests and see if it can come up with any ideas for how to turn your skills into clients and money! Sometimes, it just takes an extra spark of inspiration to turn a hobby into a great side hustle.

#3 - Use ChatGPT to help you take on content writing jobs

  • Sign up for marketplaces like Fiverr or ProBlogger and look for opportunities to write for other companies. ChatGPT is a great tool to turn anyone into an above average writer by helping you to craft outlines, tweak language, and more. Just be careful to not take content verbatim from ChatGPT - no one wants to pay you for that!

#4 - Write ad copy and design ads for local businesses

  • One way to start signing up clients for a new business is to give them a free sample of the type of work you could do for them. Try using ChatGPT to rewrite landing page copy, create ads, and generate other types of assets for businesses. Then share with the businesses and ask if they'd like to work with you on to get more content.

#5 - Provide consulting services to other companies

  • ChatGPT is a fantastic tool to help you conduct research and synthesize information from different sources - that sounds a lot like what companies hire consultants to do! Try using ChatGPT or an AI presentation maker like Plus to create marketing plans, strategy documents, and more for consulting clients.

#6 - Create an online course

  • Pick a topic that you love. OR pick a topic that you want to learn about, and create an online course about that topic. Want to learn more about how to plan for retirement? The best way to learn is to teach - work together with ChatGPT to create the syllabus for an online course and use a tool like Plus to create the materials. You can even take existing textual content from articles and documents and turn it into presentations to share your knowledge.

#7 - Offer translation or proofreading services

  • Do you speak another language or have a specific expertise in a certain topic? While ChatGPT is great at sharing general knowledge, it can struggle with factual accuracy and details. You might be able to use ChatGPT to supercharge your workflow so you can get more done but still use human review to make sure everything is of high quality. With Plus AI you can create presentations in almost any language.

#8 - Write sales and marketing messages

  • OK - you've built a great product using one of the other strategies above. How are you going to sell it? One interesting way to use AI is to ask it to personalize messages for all of your prospective customers. You can give ChatGPT a general message and then ask it to customize based on different customer parameters like the size of their business, their immediate needs, or other information you collect. Use a free proposal template to create proposals from the ChatGPT output.

If you're interested in using ChatGPT to make money, get creative (and ask ChatGPT to help)! Whether you're brainstorming new ideas, writing content, or providing consulting services, ChatGPT can help give you a springboard to get a new business off the ground. Get started by learning how to use ChatGPT to make PowerPoint slides.

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