What's new with Plus — January 2023

We launched! And other news from January.

It’s been a big month for us. Here’s what we’ve been up to!

We launched — Plus is now in public beta 🎉

Anyone can now sign up for Plus, which will be free to use during our public beta.

As part of our launch, we published our Google Slides add-on and Chrome extension listings. Please leave us a review on those pages. We’d love to make it off the 15th page of the Chrome store. 😅

💡 Dan wrote up some thoughts on how our launch day went and what we learned. You can also check out our actual launch dashboard to see all of the numbers yourself (before you click, guess how many visits we got from being #1 on HackerNews!).

New onboarding video

We updated our “Getting Started” video ahead of launch. You can check it out at any time by clicking on “Getting Started” in the app or visiting the Plus Guide.

Report a Snapshot issue

To help us refine and improve Plus, we wanted to make it easy to let us know when a Snapshot didn’t capture correctly. You can now report an issue directly from the app, which will also send us details to help us debug the problem.

What else is new?

  • We’ve continued to invest in Snapshot accuracy, expanding Smart Capture support, and improving our ability to detect errors when they occur.
  • We’ve also improved the experience for understanding and taking action when we do detect an issue with a Snapshot.
  • We shipped lots of bug fixes and visual enhancements, thanks to the increased volume of feedback from our new users.

As always, you can read more on our Changelog.

In case you missed it

In addition to Dan’s launch announcement on the blog, he also wrote about the charts we’re Snapshotting to understand what’s going on with the US economy in 2023.

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