What's new with Plus — November 2022

Here's what we shipped in November: Slack subscriptions, mobile improvements, and more!

Here’s what we’ve been up to this month at Plus. Try out the new updates now by logging in or sign up for early access.

New feature: 🕐 Slack subscriptions

Creating a Plus subscription in Slack

Your data should work where you do. With the Plus for Slack app, you can set up a recurring schedule to push data or content from nearly any app into Slack on a schedule you choose.

Just capture a Plus Snapshot and set up a subscription directly in Slack. We use it to send daily reports from Google Analytics into our marketing channel to share metrics with our team.

Learn more about the Slack app

Enhancement: 📱Web app experience on mobile

Using the Plus app in a mobile browser

We've made significant improvements to app.plusdocs.com on mobile browsers, so now you can browse, search, view, and share your team's Snapshots on your phone.

You can even manually refresh Snapshots directly, instead of having to log into Google Analytics, Salesforce, Mixpanel, or wherever the data comes from.

Try signing in to Plus on your mobile web browser. You can also add a bookmark for Plus on your home screen for easy access.

What else is new?

  • We’ve added one-click Smart Capture support for more sites. Let us know what else you’d like to see.
  • We’ve continued to improve Snapshot accuracy and our ability to detect issues when Snapshots are refreshed.
  • We added the ability to automatically join an existing Plus org based on your work email domain, to make it easier for your colleagues to find you on Plus.
  • In addition to the mobile improvements above, we spent some time polishing up the web app experience in general.
  • As always, you can read more on our Changelog.

In case you missed it

Dan wrote a blog post about our favorite way to build a remote-team culture — icebreakers questions! Read the post to see our greatest hits, like “How many years would you trade off the end of your life in exchange for $1B in cash today?”

Dan also set up a Gumroad store to monetize the full list, but as you can see from this Snapshot, sales are not doing well, so he won’t be quitting his day job. 😅

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