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Convert Canva to PPT

Use our free Canva to PPT tool to read a Canva document and convert it into a professionally-designed slide deck in minutes.

Convert Canva into a presentation
How does it work?
Upload your Canva file as a PDF
In Canva, click Share -> Download -> PDF Standard.
Then, upload your PDF, and pick a presentation template.
Plus AI generates your presentation
We read the text content of your PDF and use the latest AI models to create a presentation on your topic.
You receive a link to the slides
Customize your presentation, edit it with AI, and share with customers or coworkers.
Preview our presentation templates

Canva to PPT converter features

Professional presentations
Use our professionally-designed templates to create the perfect slide deck
Automated content extraction
Plus AI will automatically read the text content from your Canva (sorry, no images yet)
One-click AI generation
No sign-up or credit card required. Just click a button and receive a slide deck
Easy to edit
Once converted, you can edit your slides natively in Google Slides
Easy to share
Share your Google Slides link with customers and coworkers. Or download straight to PPT
Free to use
Best of all, it's free! If you need to create more presentations, check out Plus AI


How can I convert Canva to Google Slides?

There are two primary methods to convert your Canva presentation: (1) Upload it directly to Google Slides or (2) Use an AI presentation maker to rebuild it from scratch natively in a different tool.

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Does Canva have a Present mode?

Yes, look in the top right of your screen for the "Present" button. If do you not see it there, click the Share menu, and there should be another Present button underneath the Copy link button.

Can I download my Canva file as a PPT?

Yes. To download your Canva file as a PPT, click Share -> Download and then select PPTX from the File type dropdown menu.

Can I download a Canva presentation?

Unfortunately, you cannot download Canva files to use offline, but you can download them in other file formats like PDF or PPTX.

To download a Canva presentation, open the Share menu, click Download, and then select the file type you want in the File type menu.

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