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Use our free Wikipedia to PPT tool to create a professionally-designed slide deck on any Wikipedia article in minutes.

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How does it work?
Enter the Wikipedia URL
Paste the URL of a Wikipedia article into our form, and pick a presentation template.
Plus AI generates your presentation
We read the article and use the latest AI models to create a presentation on your topic.
You receive a link to the slides
Customize your presentation, edit it with AI, and share with customers or coworkers.
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Wikipedia to PPT converter features

Professional presentations
Use our professionally-designed templates to create the perfect slide deck
Automated content extraction
Plus AI will automatically pull the text content of any publicly-available URL
One-click AI generation
No sign-up or credit card required. Just click a button and receive a slide deck
Easy to edit
Edit slides natively in Google Slides; use Plus AI to generate or remix existing slides
Easy to share
Share your Google Slides link with customers and coworkers. Or download straight to PPT
Free to use
Best of all, it's free! If you need to create more presentations, check out Plus AI


How can I create a PPT from a Wikipedia URL?

Enter the URL of a Wikipedia article into the Plus AI Wikipedia to PPT generator.

Plus AI will read the article, create a presentation in your desired presentation template, and send you a link to the completed presentation.

How do I turn an article in a PowerPoint?

Use the Plus AI URL to PPT converter to turn any article into a presentation. Plus AI will read the text of the article, restructure it into a presentation outline, and then create a formatted slide deck for you.

What are the best templates for a presentation about a Wikipedia article?

Some of our favorite presentation templates for Wikipedia articles are Editorial, Swiss Light, and Sunnyside.

Is Wikipedia a reliable source for academic presentations?

Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia that anyone an edit, so it is not a reliable source for formal documents and presentations.

Luckily, most Wikipedia articles have good citations and sources, so you can easily find the primary sources that an article is based on.

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