Startup Employee Onboarding Template

This slide template is a framework for startups to use when onboarding new employees

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Employee onboarding template

This slide template is designed to help startups simplify their employee onboarding process. As new employees join a company they will have many open questions - the onboarding process offers a great opportunity to answer these questions before the employees get stuck into work.

This onboarding template provides a framework to introduce new employees to a startup employer. Every company is different, but the slides in this presentation template include key aspects to cover in the onboarding process, such as an introduction to company strategy and structure. Make a copy of the template and make it your own!

Features of this slide template

  • The employee onboarding template includes 12 slides containing the areas you should focus on during onboarding.
  • The slide template is made in a playful aesthetic to match the style that many startups use. We suggest changing colors to match your brand.
  • The slides are fully editable - just make your own copy in Google Slides and make it your own.
  • Made in Google Slides, but downloadable as a PowerPoint template as well.

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How to use this template

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After generating the presentation in Google Slides, you can export it to PowerPoint.
In Google Slides, click on File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx).

How to use this template

Google Slides
Open the template and make a copy to edit and save.
Open the template in Google Slides. Click on File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx).

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