How to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint

Three easy ways to convert Google Slides to PowerPoint

If you need to share presentations with customers or coworkers, but they don’t use the same presentation tool (e.g., PowerPoint or Google Slides) as you, you might need to convert your Google Slides deck into PowerPoint files. 

The good news is it’s easy to convert between the two different file types, and here’s how.


Method 1: Download as “Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)”

The easiest way to convert your Google Slides presentation to PowerPoint is to do it directly from the Google Slides File menu. Here are the steps:

  1. Click the File menu at the top left of your Google Slides window
  2. Click Download
  3. Click Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)

Method 2: Download from Google Drive

If you need to convert multiple Google Slides presentations to PowerPoints, this method will be faster than opening the File menu inside of Google Slides for multiple slide decks. Here are the steps:

  1. Find your presentation inside of your Google Drive
  2. Click the three dot menu to the right of the presentation name
  3. Click download
  4. Google Drive will automatically convert your presentation and download a PowerPoint (.pptx) file

Method 3: From your phone

If you are on the go and need to convert your Google Slides presentation to PowerPoint from your phone, you can actually follow the same instructions from the Google Slides mobile app.

  1. Open your presentation in the Google Slides app
  2. Tap the three dot menu at the top right
  3. Tap “Share & export”
  4. Tap “Save as Powerpoint (.pptx)”

Save time and create your next presentation using AI

Working on a client presentation, a pitch deck, or a research report? Give Plus AI a short prompt or a source document, and Plus will use AI to create a Google Slides presentation for you in minutes. (And, it’s easy to convert it into a PowerPoint, too, just follow the instructions above!)



  • Is there a way to convert one Google Slide to PowerPoint? Not really. Follow the instructions above and then delete the slides you don’t want or create a new Google Slides presentation with only one slide.
  • How can I download a PowerPoint presentation from Google Slides? Click File -> Download -> Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx)
  • How can I convert from Google Slides to PowerPoint without losing my formatting? Unfortunately, there is always the risk of formatting errors when converting from Google Slides to PowerPoint. If you want to have “pixel perfect” slides, one option is to export your Google Slides as images and paste them into PowerPoint. If you do this, however, they will no longer be editable in PowerPoint.
  • How do I convert a PowerPoint to Google Slides? Open a new Google Slides presentation and click File -> Import slides. You can find a visual step-by-step guide here.
  • How can I open a PowerPoint in Google Slides? You can either drag the PowerPoint into Google Slides or click Import slides from the file menu.
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