How to insert a timer into Google Slides

Learn how to insert a timer into Google Slides for a break time countdown or timed audience task. We’ll show you two easy ways to add a timer in minutes.

If you want to include a break time slide, ask your audience to perform a timed task during the presentation, or need to keep your talking points below a certain amount of time, you can insert a timer into Google Slides.

With a couple of easy options, you can add a countdown timer and format it to your liking. You can then check out Plus AI for adjusting your slide layout to best fit the content.


Method 1: Use a Chrome extension

If you use the Google Chrome web browser, you can take advantage of an extension called Slides Timer. With it, you can easily set a countdown timer on your slide. Additionally, you can use the extension to insert a count up timer as well as add the current time or date.

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension or use this direct link to the Slides Timer.
  2. Select Add to Chrome, click Add extension, and once the add-on installs, restart your browser.
  1. Head to the slide in your Google Slides presentation and insert a text box using the Text box button in the top toolbar or Insert > Text box in the menu.
  1. Drag to draw the text box and then enter the timer placeholder. You can click the Slides Timer button in your Chrome toolbar to see the available options, but for a simple countdown timer, use <<0:00->> with the time you want.

For instance, here we add a 15-minute timer to our slide using <<15:00->>.

If you want to use a count up timer instead, replace the minus sign (-) with a plus sign (+). For example, to count up from 15 minutes, you’d enter <<15:00+>>.

  1. Once you enter the timer placeholder, you can format the text like any other text box. Use the options in the top toolbar to change the font style, size, or color.

When you start your presentation using the Slideshow button at the top, you’ll see your timer in action.

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Method 2: Use a timer video

If you’re using a different web browser or prefer not to install an extension, you can insert a timer video on your slide instead. There are many timer videos on YouTube for various times you can choose from and just pop the one you want onto your slide.

  1. Go to Insert and pick Video.
  1. In the pop-up window, select the YouTube tab and enter a keyword or phrase into the Search box at the top. As examples, you can use “timer” to see suggestions or enter something specific like “15-minute timer.”
  1. Choose an option from the suggestions to see the results, pick the timer you want to use, and click Insert.
  1. When the video appears on your slide, you’ll see the Format options sidebar open along with it. This allows you to select how to start the timer such as On Click or Automatically. You can also start the timer at a different time and mute the audio if the timer contains sound.
  1. Close the sidebar when you finish customizing the video playback and then drag the video timer where you want it on your slide.

When you start your presentation and land on the slide with the video timer, press Play in the video window like you would any other YouTube clip on a slide.

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Whether you want a timer on a slide for break time during the presentation or having your audience perform a timed task during the slideshow, you can insert a timer into Google Slides these simple ways.

And remember, if you want help with your slide layout, you can use the Plus AI add-on for Google Slides and speed up the creation time.


Can you insert a clock into Google Slides?

You can use the Slides Timer extension for Chrome to quickly add a clock with the current time to Google Slides. After you install the add-on and restart your browser, insert a text box on the slide and enter <<time>>. When you play your slideshow, you’ll see the current time in hours, seconds, and minutes.

How do I insert a timer into Google Docs?

Google Docs offers a handy built-in timer you can add to your document. Go to Insert > Smart chips and pick Timer or type the @ (At) symbol and pick Timer from the list. Enter the time in hours, minutes, and seconds, and click the Play button to start the countdown.

How do you set a timer between slides?

If you set up your presentation to play automatically in Google Slides, you can choose the time for advancing between slides.

Use the Slideshow button at the top to begin the show, click the three dots in the floating toolbar on the bottom left, and move to AutoPlay. Select the time between slides from one second up to one minute and click Play.

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