How to write a cover letter on Google Docs

Learn how to write a cover letter in Google Docs with tips, tricks, and tools from Plus AI.

When you apply for a job, a cover letter can give you an edge, especially if it’s not required. You can expand on your qualifications and expertise, explain how you’re a good fit for the position, and show hiring managers that you care enough to write the letter.

We’ll walk you through how to write a cover letter in Google Docs from scratch, using a template, and with the help of Plus AI.

Write a cover letter in Google Docs with Plus AI

Sitting down to a blank page for a cover letter can be intimidating. While you can find templates to give you a jumpstart on formatting and design as shown below, most applicants struggle with exactly what to say and how to best write it.

By using Plus AI for Google Slides and Docs, you can get the help you need composing a well-worded cover letter. Simply add a brief instruction including the company and position or a detailed description including your years of experience and major accomplishments.

  1. Visit Google Docs, sign in, and select the Blank document.
  2. Open Extensions in the menu, move to Plus AI, and pick Write with Plus AI.
  1. When the sidebar opens, confirm you’re on the Generate tab and optionally choose a different language.
  2. Enter your instructions in the What do you want to write? box. You can include up to 100,000 characters, so you can write a prompt that’s as brief or detailed as you like (Generally, the more details, the better).
  3. Click Generate at the bottom of the sidebar, and you’ll see your result along with helpful tips on further improving the letter.

You’ll notice that Plus AI not only includes the details you request but provides the correct structure for the cover letter. You can then simply replace necessary text with your own. For example, you can see the highlighted portions of text below that you can adjust to fit your previous employer, expertise, and name.

Tip: To use the above template, follow this link and choose Make a Copy.

Use a template and edit the cover letter with Plus AI

As mentioned, using a Google Docs template can give you a good start to the overall design of your cover letter. And, if you create your resume in Google Docs as well, you can take advantage of the matching styles for a consistent appearance.

While a template doesn’t normally help you write the words for your cover letter, you can use Plus AI here as well to edit the placeholder text. This allows you to use the design you want and still get help composing the letter.

  1. On the main Docs screen, select Template gallery at the top or the plus sign and then Choose template at the bottom to pick the one you want.
  2. With your cover letter template open, select the text you want to rewrite.
  3. Open Extensions, move to Plus AI, and pick Write with Plus AI.
  1. When the sidebar appears, go to the Edit tab.
  2. Enter your instructions in the Rewrite Notes box. You can include up to 500 characters when you rewrite text with Plus AI.
  3. Click Generate when you finish, and you’ll receive your result.

You can then easily adjust the remaining text portions as needed such as your contact information, the date, the hiring manager’s name, and any other details you like.

Tip: Look at how to create a letterhead template in Google Docs.

Write a cover letter from scratch in Google Docs

Another option is to create a cover letter from scratch. If you know what you’d like to say and prefer to design the letter yourself, it’s certainly an option.

You can structure a cover letter like a business letter and include the following elements in order:

  • A header or text block with your contact details and the date
  • A greeting such as “Dear Chris Smith” or “Dear Hiring Manager”
  • An opening paragraph where you introduce yourself and include keywords from the job posting
  • Body paragraphs with details about your experience, qualifications, accomplishments, and how these fit the role
  • An ending paragraph thanking the reader for their time, reiterating your interest, and a call to action
  • A closing such as “Sincerely” or “Regards”
  • Your name and signature

For formatting, use a single-spaced, one-page document, left-aligned with standard 1-inch margins, and a blank line between paragraphs. Additionally, use a professional font style such as Arial or Times New Roman with a 10- to 12-point font size.

Tips for writing a cover letter

Along with the above components, here are some tips for crafting your cover letter.

Personalize every cover letter. While it’s fine to use the same cover letter template if you’re applying to several positions, remember to adjust the necessary elements! Be sure to include the hiring manager’s name if you have it, the company name, the date, the job position title, and other applicable text. Do not use a single, generic letter for each application.

Be succinct. The hiring manager should be able to read your cover letter quickly. Keep the letter to one page, use short paragraphs, get right to the point, and include a strong opening statement.

Do your homework. Research the company offering the job making note of its brand, reviews, mission, vision, and locations.

Don’t be funny. Remember, a sense of humor doesn’t always translate well with the written word.

Don’t use flattery. Keep your letter professional and use the right level of maturity. Keep in mind that a hiring manager can easily see through too much praise or an overabundance of compliments.


Don’t avoid creating a cover letter because you’re in a hurry to apply for a job. Take a few moments to highlight your skills and expertise to the hiring manager. It’s super easy to do when you compose a cover letter in Google Docs and let the Plus AI Google add-on give you a helping hand.


Is there a cover letter template in Google Docs?

In Google Docs, you’ll find basic and business letter templates you can use for a cover letter. On the main Google Docs page, choose Template gallery at the top or use the plus sign and Choose template at the bottom.

Do hiring managers like cover letters?

The short answer is, yes! Even if the job posting doesn’t ask for a cover letter, include one anyway. According to TopResume, “49 percent of HR managers said that including a cover letter is the second-best way to call attention to your resume…”

What are the most common cover letter mistakes?

Using inappropriate formatting, not optimizing for keywords, using the wrong tone, and failing to proofread all fall into the list of common mistakes. For more, look at the Indeed Career Guide’s 15 things to avoid when writing your cover letter.

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