Introducing Plus AI - the best AI presentation copilot

We're excited to introduce Plus AI! With this tool you can build presentations, add slides, and remix or rewrite content - all powered by AI directly in Google Slides.

We are excited to introduce Plus AI! Plus AI is an AI presentation maker that allows you to build presentations in minutes, powered by AI.

Starting with a blank deck is one of the most challenging parts of building a presentation. Plus AI helps you create an outline, build a first draft, and suggest additional edits to your slides. Once the presentation is created Plus AI also lets you add single slides, remix content into new formats, and rewrite content on slides. All powered by AI and right in Google Slides.

What is Plus AI

Our app uses AI to "co-write" slides with you. We wanted to build a tool that people can actually use in their day-to-day work, so we decided to focus on the part of the slide-building process where AI can do a good job - creating an outline and a first draft of a presentation.

After the AI creates the first draft of the presentation, it also leaves "tips" on the slides with suggestions on how to improve the content, how to present the slide, and/or where to get more information for the deck.

All of this happens right in Google Slides, so you don't have to learn a new tool, and it's easy to edit and share the content once you're done!

The features don't end here

Plus AI offers a suite of AI features within Google Slides:

  • Generate full presentations in minutes.
  • Make the presentations ready-to-use by applying your own custom themes.
  • Add single singles to existing presentations.
  • Remix content on your slides into 100+ pre-made, professional templates.
  • Rewrite text on your slides to adjust the tone, add context or make it more concise.

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