Using Plus with Google Slides

Create slides with up-to-date data from all of your sources.

Today, your apps don’t talk to your slides, so many companies spend hours creating decks with the same screenshots every week in order to keep their teams up to date. At Plus, we think your job should be understanding the insights behind your data - not moving the same data from one app to another every week.

So we built a Google Slides add-on to make your data work for you! With the Plus Google Slides add-on, your apps connect directly to your slide deck. In just one click, you can drop in up-to-date Snapshots from any app in your Plus library or use Plus to fetch the latest data across all of the Snapshots in an existing slide deck.

➡️ Install the Plus Google Slides add-on here: Link

Use Plus to create slides with up-to-date data from all of your sources

Update all of the charts in your slide deck with one click


💬 If you’d like to see how Plus brings together all of your team's data where you need it, without having to worry about complicated setup or integrations, request an invite to join our Private Beta — we’d love to hear your feedback!

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