What's new with Plus — March 2023

New in Plus 🎉 Google Docs, change detection, and more!

Here's what we shipped in March!

Plus for Google Docs 📄 🪄

The Plus add-on sidebar in Google Docs, with a Snapshot added to the document.

Plus is now available for Google Docs to save you from copy/paste tedium. Add Snapshots to documents and refresh them all with one click to get the latest data.

Install the Plus add-on for Google Workspace to get started. (You don’t need to do this if you already have the Plus add-on for Google Slides — it will just work with Google Docs!)

Change detection 👀 ⚠️

Get an email notification if your Snapshots change when they refresh. Use it to monitor project statuses, competitor websites, or anything else.

A screenshot of the Snapshot viewer in the Plus app, with the change notification dropdown highlighted.

OCR for Snapshots 🔎✨

When you search Plus, we now show you results based on the text within your Snapshots. This means you can search across all of your apps using Plus, instead of going one app at a time.

Searching in the Plus app for "engagement rate" and getting a result based on text inside a Snapshot image.

You can also copy the text from your Snapshots directly to your clipboard.

Clicking the "copy text" button in the Plus app to copy text from a Snapshot of a customer support dashboard. Pasting it into Google Docs.

What else is new?

  • We introduced a new default view in the app and gallery with larger previews for easier browsing.
  • We added OpenGraph previews so your Snapshot links will unfurl an image when shared on other sites and apps.
  • We’ve continued to improve Snapshots, including a behind-the-scenes upgrade that should reduce logout frequency on some sites, automated retries when there is an error during Snapshot capture, and more improvements to the repair experience.

As always, you can read more on our Changelog.

In case you missed it

We assembled a collection of Notion Widgets to add to your documents, so you can add a bouncing DVD logo or a Bongo Cat alongside your Google Calendar embed.

We announced a partnership with Causal to help teams automate their reporting in Google Slides, Docs, and Slack.

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