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Use our free PDF to PPT tool to read a PDF document and convert it into a professionally-designed slide deck in minutes.

Convert PDF into a presentation
How does it work?
Upload your PDF
Upload your PDF, and pick a presentation template.
Plus AI generates your presentation
We read the PDF and use the latest AI models to create a presentation on your topic.
You receive a link to the slides
Customize your presentation, edit it with AI, and share with customers or coworkers.
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PDF to PPT converter features

Professional presentations
Use our professionally-designed templates to create the perfect slide deck
Automated content extraction
Plus AI will automatically read the text content from your PDF (sorry, no images yet)
One-click AI generation
No sign-up or credit card required. Just click a button and receive a slide deck
Easy to edit
Edit slides natively in Google Slides; use Plus AI to generate or remix existing slides
Easy to share
Share your Google Slides link with customers and coworkers. Or download straight to PPT
Free to use
Best of all, it's free! If you need to create more presentations, check out Plus AI


Can I convert a PDF to PPT?

Yes, but you need to determine what type of PDF and presentation you want.

If you want to read and interpret the content of a PDF to create slides from scratch, try Plus AI's PDF to PPT tool.

If you just want existing slides in a PDF file to show up as slides in a PowerPoint file, you can try a tool like Adobe's PDF converter.

How do I convert a PDF to Google Slides?

Install Plus AI from the Google Workspace Marketplace, select document to presentation, and upload your PDF. Note: This works best when you are converting a text PDF into a presentation.

Can I import a PDF to Google Slides?

No, you cannot import a PDF document into Google Slides.

You can upload a PDF document to Google Drive and open it via Google Docs, but it will break your formatting and slide layouts.

How can I show my PDF as a presentation?

Open your PDF, click View -> Full Screen or Slideshow. Press Esc to exit slideshow mode.

Alternatively, you can convert your PDF to a presentation file and use the native presentation software.

How do I import a PDF to PowerPoint?

In PowerPoint, click Insert -> Object -> File, and select your PDF file.

However, this will only make your PDF an "attachment" in PowerPoint. If you want the slides themselves to appear as regular slides, you need to convert your PDF to a PowerPoint file first.

Can I convert a PDF to PowerPoint without formatting issues? 

Unfortunately, there are nearly always some formatting issues when converting documents between different file types.

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