How to print Google Slides with notes

Step-by-step guide on how to print Google Slides presentations with speaker notes

If you want to save or share a physical copy of your Google Slides presentation, you might want to include the speaker notes. These are normally the talking points for your slideshow, but may also explain adjustments you want to make, instructions for a coworker, or other notes.

We’ll show you how to print Google Slides with speakers notes as well as how to include important notes on a slide with some help from Plus AI.


Add speaker notes in Google Slides

If you already know how to add speaker notes in Google Slides, you can jump down to the next section to print them. But if you’ve never added notes or are interested in a refresher, here is how you can add notes to each slide in your presentation.

  1. Display the speaker note field below the slides. You can do this by dragging the line below a slide upward to show the notes box or by selecting View > Show speaker notes in the menu.
  1. If you need more space, drag the line at the bottom up further to make the notes box larger, or back down again to make it smaller.
  1. Then, type the notes for each slide in this area of Google Slides.

You can also format your notes if you want to emphasize or organize the content. Select a note or certain portion of it and use the toolbar at the top. You can change the font style or color, use a bulleted or numbered list, or make the text bold or underlined.

To hide the notes while you create and edit your slides, either drag the line below the slide down until the notes box is out of view or deselect View > Show speaker notes in the menu.

Remove speaker notes in Google Slides

If you decide later that you don’t want to include notes for a particular slide, you can simply remove them. Drag your cursor through the entire note and either press Delete or right-click and pick Delete.

Print a Google Slides presentation with notes

With your presenter notes ready to go, it only takes a few steps to print your slideshow with your speaker notes.

  1. Open your presentation, select the File menu, and choose Print preview.
  1. At the top of the preview, open the 1 slide without notes menu and pick 1 slide with notes.
  1. Give your slideshow a moment to refresh. You’ll then see your presentation with one slide per page and the notes beneath each slide.
  1. Optionally, use the Hide background and Include skipped slides buttons at the top and select Print.
  1. Depending on your web browser, you may have options to select the pages or number of copies. Click Print when you’re ready.

When you finish, pick Close preview on the top left to return to your presentation in edit mode.

Get help editing a presentation with Plus AI

Speaker notes are intended to be the talking points during your slideshow. These are normally things you want to call out in relation to the content you’re showing on the slide. But maybe as you write your speaker notes, you realize that a note should actually be part of the slide due to its importance. You’re just not sure how to add it effectively.

This is where Plus AI for Google Slides can help.

Plus AI is an add-on that can create everything from individual slides to complete presentations, based on your instructions. But, you can also use Plus AI to edit your content or rewrite it to make it fit your presentation or audience better.

Add to your slide with Plus AI

As an example, we want to add a summary to the slide rather than include it in our notes.

  1. Select Extensions, move to Plus AI, and pick Edit with Plus AI.
  1. Choose a tab at the top of the sidebar. For our example, we pick Rewrite.
  2. Enter the text you want to include on the slide in the Rewrite Notes box or choose a preset. 

Here, we add a text box and ask Plus AI to add a summary of the slide in that box, but you can enter the exact verbiage you want to include if you prefer.

  1. Click a Rewrite button on the bottom depending on what you want to change.
  1. You’ll then see the result, in our case, Plus AI summarized the slide for us as instructed.

From there, you can format or edit the text as you like.


The next time you want to print or save your Google Slides presentation while including the notes you’ve added, you can use this article as a step-by-step guide.

We know that putting together a presentation isn’t as simple as it sounds. You may come up with a few presentation ideas but aren’t sure what else to include or how to make your slides look good. For help with your next presentation, look to Plus AI.


How do I download Google Slides as a PDF with speaker notes?

With your slideshow open, select File > Print preview in the menu. When the preview displays, choose 1 slide with notes in the drop-down box on the top left. Then, pick Download as PDF to the left of the Print button.

How do I print Google Slides as a handout?

Open your slideshow and select File > Print preview in the menu. In the preview, open the 1 slide without notes menu and pick one of the Handout options. Then, choose Print on the top right.

How to print multiple Google Slides on one page without notes?

To print more than one slide on a page without notes, you’ll use the Handout feature in Google Slides. Select File > Print preview in the menu. In the preview, open the 1 slide without notes menu and pick one of the Handout options, depending on the number of slides you want.

If you like, you can use the Portrait drop-down menu at the top to pick Landscape. Select Print on the top right when you’re ready.

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