250 unique presentation ideas

Need some inspiration for presentation topics that are not boring? Here's 250 of them.

Capturing people’s attention has become more difficult than ever. So what’s the key to creating a memorable presentation that engages your audience?

It starts by picking a presentation topic that stands out. Whether you’re a student, hobbyist, or professional, here are more than 250 unique presentation ideas — and best practices — to jumpstart your creative process.


How to choose a great presentation topic

There’s no such thing as a bad presentation idea in general. A good presentation topic is one that is well suited for your goals, audience, and setting. A great presentation topic is one that is appropriate for its context and where you can bring unique or novel perspective.

Ask yourself these questions when choosing a presentation topic.

  1. Articulate your goals: Why are you presenting? Is it to inform, persuade, entertain, or inspire? You should be able to articulate the three takeaways your audience should leave the presentation with. Write these down.
  2. Understand your audience: Who will be watching or listening? Consider their demographics, interests, and level of knowledge. How in depth should you go in your presentation? What content formats will resonate with them?
  3. Define your constraints: What medium will your presentation use? Are you presenting on stage to hundreds of people in a lecture hall or over video conference to a small team? How long do you have? How many slides do you need?
  4. Make it your own: Do you have a unique angle or perspective on this topic? That is the biggest difference between a boring presentation and a captivating one. How passionate are you about it? If you’re disinterested, your audience will be able to tell.
  5. Narrow your focus: There’s nothing more boring than a generic presentation. The broader your topic, the more you run the risk of not being able to say anything new. Narrow your topic down to something specific and manageable. Instead of "The Benefits of a Healthy Diet,” try "10 Superfoods and Their Impact on Brain Health."

How to build a great presentation quickly

Just as an existing list of presentation topic ideas can help inspire you during the brainstorming phase, it can be helpful to get a jumpstart when you’re ready to make the presentation itself. One tool that can help you get over the daunting blank-page problem is an AI presentation maker, like Plus.

Plus AI can suggest presentation outlines to help you structure your content, design slides to save you time on formatting, and generate many variants to inspire you if you get stuck. You can try Plus for free by installing the Google Slides add-on below.


Whether or not you get started with an AI slide maker, you will also want to give some consideration to the visual appeal of your presentation. Understanding the basics of layout, information hierarchy, color, and type will help you craft a more beautiful presentation that connects with your viewers.

Personal presentation topics

Presentation topics based on your personal experience

  • Navigating my first year abroad: Lessons and insights from living in Japan
  • The road to recovery: My personal journey after a major surgery
  • Finding my roots: What I discovered tracing my ancestry and DNA
  • From novice to marathoner: My running journey
  • Mastering a new language: 10 tips from one year of learning Italian
  • Fostering Fido: My experience as a first-time dog foster parent
  • Adventures in veganism: My month-long challenge of going plant-based
  • Off the beaten path: Backpacking through Southeast Asia's lesser-known gems
  • My experiment with digital detox: My month without social media
  • Becoming a minimalist: How decluttering transformed my life and mindset
  • Couchsurfing chronicles: The good, the bad, the ugly
  • Chasing the Northern Lights: My trip to Iceland
  • Reconnecting with nature: My experience of a solo wilderness retreat
  • Overcoming my fear of public speaking: 10 actionable techniques that worked for me
  • Brewing passion: My journey into home brewing and craft beers
  • Binge-watching for good: I watched 100 documentaries in a year. This is what I learned.
  • The art of silence: My 10-day Vipassana meditation retreat
  • Flavors of the world: Culinary discoveries from my global food tour
  • Between two worlds: My life as a first-generation immigrant
  • Celebrations across borders: How I celebrate traditional holidays with a twist
  • From skeptic to believer: My transformative journey into holistic wellness

Presentation topics for job interviews or school applications

  • 10 lessons I’ve learned from my successes and failures
  • My leadership journey navigating a project with a remote team in three time zones
  • How joining a college improv group enhanced my public speaking and spontaneity skills
  • Coding for a cause: Developing a mobile app to connect local farmers with urban consumers
  • How I used my fluency in Mandarin and Arabic when working in Dubai
  • Innovating under pressure: Prototyping during a 48-hour hackathon
  • My deep dive into ancient Mayan culture during a summer research fellowship in Guatemala
  • Charting digital skies: Leveraging drone technology to improve urban infrastructure surveys
  • From concept to canvas: Curating an exhibition on emerging artists in Southeast Asia
  • How I spearheaded a campus-wide sustainability initiative that reduced plastic waste by 60%
  • Pivoting with purpose: transitioning from a career in finance to championing mental health awareness
  • How I created an AI chatbot to suggest recipes based on dietary preferences and restrictions
  • Managing via metrics: How I led a junior team to exceed sales targets by 150%
  • Blending tradition with tech: Digitizing ancient tribal patterns into modern fashion designs
  • How I launched a startup focused on upcycled products in a circular economy
  • How I built a peer-tutoring program for student athletes
  • Integrating AI-driven solutions in a traditional manufacturing organization
  • Scaling success: How I led a cross functional team to a 200% increase in quarterly sales
  • Navigating change: Managing culture and process change through a company merger
  • How I championed the adoption of cloud technologies in a decade-old enterprise
  • Mentorship matters: How we accelerated junior staff promotions by 40%
  • From chaos to clarity: My experience streamlining complex internal processes
  • Elevating the brand: How we found a niche in a crowded market
  • Driving corporate sustainability to reduce costs and boosted brand image
  • Crisis to comeback: My strategies for business continuity during unexpected disruptions
  • Innovating from within: How our "skunkworks" project became a top revenue earner
  • How I revamping our customer service approach, leading to a 50% drop in complaints
  • Managing and integrating diverse teams across the globe

Educational presentation topics

Presentation topics on history that aren’t boring

  • What’s the deal with the Roman Empire and why are people obsessed with it?
  • When cosmetics were deadly: The intriguing tale of makeup in the Elizabethan era
  • Pirate queens and seafaring heroines: Untold stories of women who ruled the seas
  • Lunar legends: Tracing mankind's fascination with the moon across ancient civilizations
  • Dining through the ages: Bizarre and extravagant eating habits of medieval monarchs
  • The fashion revolutionaries: How the flappers of the 1920s challenged societal norms
  • Civilizations beneath the waves: Exploring sunken cities and their mysteries
  • Espionage and intrigue: Notorious spies that changed the course of history
  • From gladiators to samurais: The evolution of warriors' armor and weaponry
  • Lost and found: Forgotten ancient texts and their impact on modern thought
  • Beyond the pyramids: Lesser-known architectural wonders of ancient Egypt
  • Dance of death: The cultural and historical significance of Europe's plague doctor masks
  • High stakes and high heels: Tracing the controversial history of the stiletto
  • Elixirs and potions: A deep dive into the bizarre world of medieval medicine
  • The Underground Railroad's secret codes
  • The fall of ancient metropolises
  • From the vellum to the pixel: Evolution of manuscript illumination in the digital age
  • In Caesar's footsteps: Decoding the linguistic evolution of Latin across the Roman Empire
  • The astrolabe and its pivotal role in medieval astronomy and navigation
  • Conundrums in cartography: Analyzing historical map inaccuracies and their implications
  • Papyrus puzzles: The art and science of reconstructing ancient fragmented texts
  • Alchemical ambitions: The quest for the philosopher's stone
  • Secrets of the scriptorium: The intricate world of medieval book production
  • Deciphering the neumes and notations of early Gregorian chants
  • Byzantine bureaucracy in Constantinople
  • Numismatic narratives: What ancient coin hoards reveal about trade, treachery, and treasure
  • Siege warfare science: Deconstructing the trebuchet
  • Guilds and their grip: The economics and politics of medieval craft associations

Presentation topics on science that are real mind-benders

  • Quantum entanglement: The eerie phenomenon of "spooky action at a distance"
  • Black holes and information paradox: Understanding Hawking radiation and its implications
  • Time dilation: How moving faster can slow down time according to Einstein's relativity
  • The holographic principle: Is our universe merely a 2D projection on a cosmic horizon?
  • Multiverse theories: Exploring the possibility of parallel universes and alternate realities
  • Quantum computing: How qubits might revolutionize our computational landscape
  • Wormholes and interstellar travel: Shortcuts through spacetime?
  • Dark matter and dark energy: The enigmatic forces driving our universe's expansion
  • The Planck scale: A realm where gravity and quantum mechanics collide
  • Quantum field theory: Understanding the vibrational essence of particles and forces
  • Neutrino oscillations: The shape-shifting nature of these elusive subatomic particles
  • Cosmic speed limits: Why nothing can go faster than light
  • Quantum gravity: The quest to reconcile general relativity with the quantum world
  • The simulation hypothesis: Are we living in a complex computational construct?
  • Schrödinger's cat explained: How a thought experiment baffles our understanding of reality
  • Time crystals: The strange materials where time keeps ticking, but never moves forward
  • Antimatter mysteries: The mirror world of particles and why we're made of "normal" stuff
  • Quantum teleportation is real, but not as sci-fi as you think
  • Twisted light beams: Carrying more data with light's angular momentum
  • How the butterfly effect shapes our world and the patterns we miss
  • Eerie "songs" emitted by celestial objects
  • A deep dive into quarks, gluons, and the dance of the subatomic
  • How colliding black holes "ring" space-time like a bell
  • The universe's fate: Exploring the Big Crunch, Big Freeze, and Big Rip scenarios

Presentation topics that are explainers

  • The circular economy: Moving beyond recycling to a sustainable future
  • Mutual funds and ETFs: Diversifying investments and how they differ
  • Bonds vs. Stocks: Breaking down the basics and the risks involved
  • How crypto tokens work: The basics of the blockchain
  • Gene editing and CRISPR, explained.
  • The psychology of misinformation: How and why fake news spreads
  • Decoding the stock market: From bull markets to short selling, what it all actually means
  • Net neutrality simplified: The battle for the internet's future, broken down
  • The global supply chain: Why a delay in one country can mean empty shelves in another
  • AI, explained: beyond the buzzwords, how they're shaping our world
  • Derivatives and their dangers: From simple contracts to the 2008 financial crash
  • The enigma of black boxes in airplanes: What they capture and why they're crucial
  • Inflation and deflation: How prices move and what it means for your wallet
  • How platforms like Instagram and TikTok decide what you see
  • Hedge funds vs. private equity: The big players in finance and their strategies
  • Modern vaccine development: mRNA, vector vaccines, and the race against time
  • Exploring the gut-brain connection: Why your stomach might influence your mood
  • Universal Basic Income (UBI): 10 experiments around the world
  • The Electoral College, explained
  • Understanding credit scores: What they are, why they matter, and how to improve them
  • Back to basics: The three branches of the US government
  • The filibuster explained: Its history, function, and the debates surrounding it
  • How a bill becomes a law: The journey from an idea to legislation
  • The Supreme Court demystified: How justices are chosen and the impact of their decisions
  • Gerrymandering and redistricting: How district lines can shape election outcomes
  • The role of lobbyists: Influence, advocacy, and the concerns about "dark money”
  • The census and its significance: Population counts, representation, and funding at stake
  • The U.S. budget process: How we allocate trillions and why it matters
  • Compound interest: The magic behind how your money grows over time
  • The role of central banks: Interest rates, money printing, and economic stabilization

Presentation topics that teach people how to do something

  • 10 ways  to transform into a morning person
  • How to build an authentic personal brand on social media
  • Work-life balance: Strategies for time management and boundary setting
  • How to forage in urban cities
  • How to start aquascaping
  • 10 steps to build a capsule wardrobe
  • Fermentation 101: Making kombucha, kefir, and sauerkraut from scratch
  • Skygazing: How to track satellites, space stations, and iridium flares
  • How to marble paper: Crafting swirl patterns for artistic projects and bookbinding
  • How to stay informed without feeling overwhelmed
  • Optimizing productivity with the Pomodoro Technique
  • Stressed at work? Try these coping strategies and mindfulness practices
  • How to cultivate a Growth Mindset
  • How to make an earthen oven in your backyard
  • 5 easy steps to reduce screen time and reconnect with the offline world
  • How to make prehistoric-style tools and art from flint.
  • Learn how to whittle
  • How to build a bee hotel
  • How to homebrew mead
  • Personal finance 101
  • How to network effectively in a virtual world
  • How to start a side hustle
  • 25 new strategies for even the most seasoned remote worker
  • How to have a difficult conversation

Professional presentation topics

Presentation topics to improve workplace dynamics

  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: Why EQ matters as much as IQ in the workplace
  • Addressing and preventing workplace burnout: Strategies for holistic well-being
  • Feedback is a gift: How to create a feedback-oriented culture
  • Building inclusive teams: Celebrating diversity and ensuring equal opportunity
  • 10 strategies to build trust and foster open communication
  • The art of active listening: Strengthening connections and improving understanding
  • How Radical Candor can transform your workplace culture
  • Tackling unconscious bias: Raising awareness and promoting fairness
  • Fostering psychological safety — what it really means
  • Strategies for effective onboarding
  • How to use MBTI in one-on-one feedback
  • Navigating cross-generational dynamics
  • Decoding Gen Z communications in the workplace
  • The agile methodology and how it can apply to our team
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: Patrick Lencioni’s model

Interactive presentation topics for team-building

  • Escape room challenges for team building
  • Design thinking workshop introduction
  • Mystery product feedback session
  • Reverse brainstorming: Tackling problems backward
  • Story cubes for corporate storytelling
  • Interactive polls and live surveys: Real-time feedback
  • Role-reversal scenarios: A day in another's shoes
  • Blindfolded trust exercises
  • Personalized SWOT analysis for teams
  • Interactive timeline creations: Charting company history
  • Mock "Shark Tank" pitching event
  • Building virtual worlds: An introduction to collaborative VR
  • Innovation auction: Bidding on the future
  • Interactive quiz challenges: Test your knowledge
  • Persona crafting workshop for marketing teams

Presentation topics on digital marketing

  • Conversational AI: Revolutionizing customer interactions in 2024
  • The rise of ephemeral content: How disappearing media is capturing lasting attention
  • Omnichannel marketing: Crafting seamless user experiences across all touchpoints
  • The next wave of influencer marketing: Micro-communities and niche leaders
  • Visual search optimization: The future of product discovery in e-commerce
  • Augmented reality (AR) in advertising: Bridging virtual experiences with real-world sales
  • Predictive analytics: Anticipating customer behavior in a post-cookie era
  • Hyper-personalization in 2024: Beyond demographics to individualized content delivery
  • Interactive email campaigns: Innovations in inbox engagement
  • The resurgence of podcasts: Audio content strategies for brands
  • Sustainable marketing: Embracing eco-conscious campaigns and strategies
  • Neuromarketing insights: Leveraging brain science for more effective ads
  • Video content evolution: From TikTok to virtual reality storytelling
  • Blockchain in digital marketing: Still relevant?

Presentation ideas for sales teams

  • Mastering remote sales pitches in 2024
  • Leveraging platforms beyond LinkedIn
  • Aligning with modern consumer values and ethics
  • The role of AI in sales forecasting: Predictive models and real-time adjustments
  • Account-based sales strategies: Hyper-targeted approaches for B2B success
  • 10 sales strategies from the latest behavioral neuroscience research
  • Never Split the Difference: Mastering negotiations
  • Win clients with AI-generated personalized video pitches
  • The future of sales automation, 10 new tools for 2024
  • Ghosted: Addressing the silent rejections in the sales journey
  • 3 infamous stories about the biggest sales blunders
  • 10 unconventional channels for leads and conversions

Presentation ideas on productivity

  • 10 new AI tools that can speed up how we work
  • Pro tips for getting control over your Google Calendar
  • Why multi-tasking doesn’t work and what you can do about it
  • How to become better at email
  • Why declaring email bankrupcy might be the right move
  • Debunking the myth of the 4 hour work week
  • Maximizing productivity with power naps
  • What historical civilizations teach about modern-day productivity
  • Strategic procrastination with project trackers
  • Making the perfect playlist to get in the flow
  • Setting and tracking future goals with all-in-one workspace tool like Notion or Coda
  • Maximize tools in Slack to stay focused and minimize distractions
  • Using voice memos to stay in the flow
  • Setting up a knowledge management system for your team that actually works
  • Habit-tracking apps to reinforce productive behaviors
  • The benefits of keeping a daily journal

Just-for-fun presentation topics

Presentations in novel formats

Try some of these alternative presentation formats to make your presentations more engaging or interactive.

  • Pecha Kucha (or Ignite Talk): A presentation format originally from Japan, where you present 20 slides, each of which automatically advances after 20 seconds (15 seconds). It’s fast paced, super engaging, and can be hilarious to watch the presenter try to keep up with the slides.
  • Lightning talk: A very short presentation of only a few minutes that gets straight to the point. It's popular in tech conferences, especially for introducing new ideas or concepts without going into depth.
  • TED-style talk: These are short presentations focusing on one clear message, often accompanied by compelling narratives or personal stories. The presentation slides are usually very minimal, to keep the focus on the presenter.
  • PowerPoint Karaoke: Presenters are given a set of slides they've never seen before and must improvise a talk on the spot. It’s a fun exercise in adaptability.
  • Demo Slam: A fast-paced event where presenters get a limited time (often 3 minutes or less) to demonstrate a tech tool, technique, or tip. It's competitive, with the audience voting for their favorite demo.
  • Speed Geeking: Similar to speed dating, presenters set up at multiple stations, and attendees rotate around, spending a few minutes at each station. It's a rapid-fire way to get exposed to multiple topics in a short time.
  • PowerPoint Night: Take turns presenting funny and interactive topics. Great for remote socializing.

Presentation topics for weddings

  • The groom's misadventures as a kid
  • The bride's college escapades: Stories we will never let her forget
  • High school days: Tales of the groom's awkward phase
  • When paths crossed: Recounting the couple's unexpected first meeting
  • Love letters: Reading old letters or messages exchanged between the couple
  • A sibling's roast: A light-hearted, funny take on growing up with the bride or groom
  • Adventures abroad: Slideshow of the couple’s nomadic year
  • The proposal blooper: Narrating the behind-the-scenes mishaps of the proposal day
  • Pets and the couple: Amusing stories of the couple's adventures with their furry friends
  • Dance floor memories: Slideshow of the couple's most memorable dance-offs or moves
  • Childhood dreams vs. reality, with cute photos
  • Bucket list adventures: List of silly goals the couple hopes to achieve together

Presentation topics for birthday parties

  • A journey through the birthday person's fashion choices over the years
  • The great cake disasters
  • Notes from my childhood diary
  • Letters from the past
  • A montage of dance moves from over the years at various birthdays
  • Growing up in the 90s: Throwback to childhood trends we forgot about
  • My pet chronicles
  • Musical journey: Embarrassing playlist of old favorites
  • Sports and spills
  • The dating diaries: Remember this ex?
  • Guess the year: Guests have to guess when a photo of the birthday person was taken

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