MagicSlides and alternative AI presentation tools

An introduction to MagicSlides and other AI presentation tools


What is MagicSlides?

MagicSlides brings generative AI into Google Slides and allows you to turn create presentations, generate presentations from prompts, and adjust formatting using generative AI. MagicSlides is relatively light on features compared to other tools on the market, but it is a good option for users who are looking to use AI within Google Slides instead of changing to a different tool.

How to use MagicSlides?

Step 1: Install the extension from Google Workspace Marketplace

Step 2: Go to Google Slides and open a blank presentation

Step 3: Open the MagicSlides extension

Step 4: Select what you want to do with the MagicSlides extension. You have three options:

  1. Summarise: This option allows you to paste up to 6,000 characters and have the AI generate a presentation based on this.
  2. Text: Here, you provide the AI with a short prompt, after which it generates a draft presentation. This is the option we’re choosing for this guide.
  3. Color & Font: This option provide formatting support.

Step 5: Provide a prompt and generate the presentation. You can choose to provide a title or a title and additional reference text. Providing the reference text will most likely get you a draft that is closer to a finished product.

Alternatives to MagicSlides

  1. Plus AI – an AI presentation maker for professional Google Slides
  2. Gamma - a MagicSlides alternative for polished templates
  3. – a MagicSlides alternative that goes beyond presentations
  4. Canva Magic Design – a MagicSlides alternative for users focused on aesthetics

1. Plus AI – AI Presentation Maker for Google Slides

Like MagicSlides, Plus AI is an AI presentation maker built on top of Google Slides, allowing for AI-generated presentations within Google Slides. If you’re looking to design, create, and edit slides, Plus AI is more feature-rich than MagicSlides. With the Plus AI Google Slides App you can use generative AI to:

  • Generate a full presentation in minutes, starting with a prompt, starting with existing text, or even by designing slide by slide.
  • Add single slides to your presentations, using AI context and instructions.
  • Re-write the text on your slides, according to your instructions.
  • Remix content on slides into new formats in seconds.

Plus AI users are typically looking to create professional presentations for work and need a higher level of AI quality.


2. Gamma - a MagicSlides alternative for polished, professional templates

MagicSlides is built to generate traditional presentations, as we would know from PowerPoint and Google Slides. Gamma’s AI, on the other hand, can create presentations that look more professional. Gamma’s focus on professional users is reflected in the business-oriented templates such as “Company Fact Sheet,” “Sales Presentation,” and “Deal Review.” Gamma also includes Q&As within presentations, custom branding, and analytics to track presentation views.

3. – a MagicSlides alternative that goes beyond presentations

MagicSlides focuses just on presentations, but sometimes you need an app that can do many things. Simplified falls under that category – the app includes an AI presentation generator, just like MagicSlides, but it also has other AI offerings, including copywriting, video editing, and graphic design.

The app has several features that differentiate it from MagicSlides, including the ability to turn presentations into videos. This allows you to create presentation-style video content quickly and easily. Simplified focuses on creating presentation templates, which users can use to flesh out their content.

4. Canva Magic Design – a MagicSlides alternative for users focused on aesthetics

MagicSlides is good for creating basic presentations, but it does not create the most aesthetically exciting presentations. Canva is a design-first tool, and this is no different for their AI slide generator. Canva’s AI-generated presentations are light on text and focus on the design.

Canva provides a hand-held experience when creating presentations. Since Canva is a design-first tool, this experience focuses on aesthetic changes. It includes auto-adjusting design elements and suggestions for colors, styles, fonts, images, and layouts.

How to choose the best AI presentation tool for you

Want to learn more about AI slide tools? Our in-depth guide gives an overview of the best AI tools on the market and provides recommendations based on your needs, workflows, and use cases.

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