Putting the “fun” in “high-functioning team”

How we use Plus to foster fun for our remote-first team.

One of the most fun parts of building a no-code tool is using our own product to build things. Over the past few months, we’ve shared several “real world” use cases on how we use Plus to run meetings and share data with our team. Here are some fun ways that the team uses Plus as well!

See what’s happening where

We have team members across 8 cities, so while it may always be 65°F in San Francisco, that’s definitely not the case for everyone! One fun Plus Page we’ve created for our remote team is a map showing the weather in each of the cities where our team members live.

Being able to quickly throw together a Page with local weather, or local news headlines, or city and traffic cams has been a fun way to get us out of our own little bubbles and imagine what someone on the other side of a Zoom call is actually experiencing outside their front door.

Share our interests

Every Friday, we set aside an hour for the team to “dog food” our product together. Sometimes we test new features before shipping to customers, and sometimes we build docs and dashboards that our customers would build to better understand our customers’ experience using Plus.

Some of the less work-oriented topics that team members have shared during these dog food buffets are: Concerts in Philly, Raspberry Pi inventory, and crypto market and NFTs.

Compete and compare

Do you need a fool-proof way to spark some fun discussion on your team? Find a leaderboard for anything (like Slack messages and reactions) and see where folks stand! We use Plus to automatically send these to Slack every week to keep the competition alive.

Keep tabs on the startup market

As the founding team of a startup, we’re excited about new products, new companies, and what’s happening in the rest of startup world. We built this Startup Funding Landscape Page to keep track of indicators like current fundraising trends from DocSend, valuation multiples from Public Comps, new product announcements from ProductHunt, and the latest Series A announcements from Google News. We wrote more about it here: What the Plus is happening with startup funding!?


It only takes a few minutes to set up a dashboard or digest in Plus, and we find that creating time and space for us to build things in our own product is a critical investment in ensuring we understand the key workflows, benefits, and pain points that our product aims to solve.

💬 If you’d like to see how Plus brings together all of your team's data where you need it, without having to worry about complicated setup or integrations, request an invite to join our private beta - we’d love to hear your feedback!

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