How to convert YouTube to PowerPoint

Have a video that would make the perfect presentation? We’ll show you how to convert YouTube video content to PowerPoint a couple different ways using Plus AI.

If you’ve found the perfect YouTube video for a presentation, you don’t have to take screenshots or capture clips. We’ll show you two easy ways to convert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation.

Using Plus AI, you can convert the video content using two different methods, so you can use whichever is fastest or easiest for you. You can then edit your slideshow with the help of artificial intelligence to add or update the content along with make changes to the appearance.

If you’re ready, you can head to the video on YouTube so that you can follow along below!


Method 1: Use the Plus AI online YouTube to PPT converter

Using an online converter is the quickest and easiest way to transform a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation.

Plus AI offers a free converter that’s not only super simple to use but gives you a completed slideshow in just minutes.

  1. Visit the Plus AI YouTube to PPT converter on the web.
  2. Enter your email address and select the template you want to use.
  3. Paste or type the URL for the YouTube video. (Note: You can copy the YouTube URL by selecting it, right-clicking, and picking Copy.)
  4. Click Get my presentation.
  1. Within minutes, you’ll receive an email with a link to your presentation in Google Slides.
  1. Once you open the slideshow, you’ll content from the YouTube video along with various slide layouts to accommodate the content and helpful tips from Plus AI.
  1. Do one or both of the following:
    • Download the slideshow to edit it in PowerPoint by selecting File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Save a copy of the slideshow if you want to hold onto the original in Google Slides by selecting File > Make a Copy > Entire presentation. Keep in mind that the original is only available for 30 days.

Tip: You can also check out Plus AI’s other free tools for converting Canva, Microsoft Word, or a URL to PowerPoint.

Method 2: Obtain the YouTube transcript to create the slideshow

If you prefer to use just the text from the YouTube video, another option is to obtain the transcript and create your slideshow from it.

With Plus AI, you can paste the text or upload a file with the transcript to automatically generate the presentation.

Obtain the YouTube transcript

  1. Head to the video on YouTube, move down to the description, and choose More to expand it.
  2. Select Show transcript.
  1. You’ll see the transcript appear on the top right.
  2. If you see the timestamps, click the three dots and pick Toggle timestamps to turn those off.
  1. Select the entire transcript, right-click, and pick Copy.

You can then paste the transcript into a document and save it or simply paste it directly into Plus AI. Follow along below for how to do both.

Use the transcript to generate the slideshow

  1. Visit Google Slides and create a Blank presentation.
  2. Select Extensions > Plus AI > New presentation with Plus AI.
  1. Confirm that New presentation is displayed on the left and optionally pick a template on the right.
  1. Choose Upload a file and do one of the following:some text
    • Select Choose file to upload the document with the transcript.
    • Select Paste in text, right-click, and pick Paste.
  1. Click Generate Presentation.

You can then download your slideshow as a PowerPoint presentation by selecting File > Download > Microsoft PowerPoint as described earlier.

Edit presentations with Plus AI

After you create a slideshow from a video, you can use Plus AI to edit it in Google Slides before you download it as a PowerPoint presentation. This allows you to adjust the current text, add more content, or insert new slides.

With your slideshow open in Google Slides, select Extensions > Plus AI > Edit with Plus AI. Then, use the tools in the sidebar that appears to make your changes.

This helps you to make adjustments using artificial intelligence before you export the final product to PowerPoint. Ask Plus AI to jazz up your text, summarize the current content, or add a slide with additional details. You can even choose a different slide layout if you want to change the appearance.

All the tools you need appear in the Plus AI sidebar. Simply choose a tab at the top of the sidebar for the type of edits you’d like to make and watch as Plus AI delivers!


By creating a PowerPoint slideshow from a YouTube video, you can build a presentation in just minutes. This is a great way to get the correct terms and phrases along with appropriate images for instructional, educational, or charitable organization presentations.

And remember, once you build the slideshow, you can edit it easily with the help of Plus AI!


Can I download a YouTube video and put it in PowerPoint?

You can actually insert a video in PowerPoint without downloading it, but if you’ve already saved the video to your device, you can insert it just as easily.

Place your cursor on the slide where you want the video. Go to the Insert tab and open the Video menu in the Media section. Choose This Device to insert a downloaded video or Online Videos to enter the URL from YouTube. Then, follow the subsequent prompts to add the video to your slide.

How do I insert a YouTube video into Slides?

Adding a video to Google Slides takes only a few clicks. Head to the slide where you want the video and select Insert > Video in the menu. Enter a search term to find a video or pop in the URL, select the video, and pick Insert.

How do I embed a YouTube video?

If you want to embed a YouTube video on a web page or other location where you need the code, it’s easy to get. Go to the video on YouTube and open the Share menu below the clip. Select Embed in the first pop-up window and then Copy in the second. You’ll then have the embed code on your clipboard to paste where needed.

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